Thursday, November 16, 2017

Arrivals Nov. 2017

Just when are hearts are heavy from saying good-bye to our "experienced and faithful" missionaries, we are lifted by the arrival of "enthusiastic and faithful" missionaries.  We wait for them to come through the door with much anticipation.  We are renewed and begin with their first training.  The assistants take them aside and inform them that in Denmark, we teach repentance and Baptize. 

After contacting in Copenhagen, they arrive for dinner in the mission home.  A traditional Danish meal is pretty delicious.  There is an empty plate next to President.  Elder Ellis had some problems with his flight from the U.K. MTC.  He already knows the language since his mother is Danish, so no need for the typical 6 week training in Provo.  We'll save his dinner for when he arrives;)
After dinner, these missionaries are more than happy to help President with dishes.  "We come to serve, not to be served".

I think we've worn them out today after getting up and taking a missionary to the airport at 3AM.

After an evening message from President and bearing testimonies, we keep them awake with a game of ping pong.  Funny how the assistants are suddenly ready for this challenge;)

Each game ends with a twirling round...

Where do these missionaries get their ping pong skills?

Twirling again...

Traditional breakfast burritos..

Thankfully, Elder Ellis arrived.  All is well.

He said his dinner last night reminded him of his grandmother's dinner:)

We have a three hour training at the church building in Copenhagen today.  This day is a little like Christmas, for both the new missionaries and their trainers.

Traditional Dominos Pizza for lunch before heading to their areas.  Thank you senior missionaries for taking care of us.

Elder Danielsen-Jensen

Elders Schaffer and Danielsen-Jensen
Elder Anderson
Our lucky threesome:  Elders Owen, Anderson and Arnold

Elder Ellis

Elders Maready and Ellis

Sister Peel

Sisters Peel and Sanford

Sister Hansen

Another threesome for only two weeks:  Sisters Smith, Hansen and Quinton

Sister Livingston

Sisters Livingston and Peterson

Sister Tanner

Sisters Schanner and Tanner:)  Note the rhyming names...

How do I spell pure joy?  Missionaries!  They will come in for a three day training in the next month.  We look forward to getting to know them even better<3