Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The "Book of Mormon Musical" January 2018

The "Book of Mormon Musical" is coming to Denmark.  We have been preparing for it's arrival with wall to wall Book of Mormons.  Several of us were invited to come meet the cast yesterday.  Yes, we were quite surprised to meet the actors for Moroni, Mormon,  Joseph Smith and others.  They wanted to meet the "real" missionaries and ask questions.  After wards, we were given a tour of the theater.  It was a good experience.  In fact, two of them plan to meet with the missionaries this week.

Jylland January Zone Training 2018

I received some pictures as a surprise from one of our elders.  The zone leaders and sister training leaders conducted a zone training to set yearly goals.  President and I did not attend this meeting.  Enjoy:)

Friday, December 29, 2017

Mission Leadership Council December 2017

Mission Leadership Council was simplified by meeting in a centralized place, Odense, at the church.  The subject was "How to effectively set goals for the Year, 2018".  We also celebrated acheiving our baptism goal this year with "Big" homemade cookies.  It is wonderful to watch these leaders receive inspiration for the mission.  The Lord continues to guide this mission through His disciples.  Councils are to receive revelation, according to Elder Ballard.  That statement is absolutely true.  We love working along-side these missionaries.  They are faithful and dedicated to serving the people of Denmark and Iceland.

 The lunch was chosen by the missionaries..."Peach Pit"?  But where are the peaches???

Elder Hunt's birthday today.  We sang to him at lunch, with enthusiasm !

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Iceland Christmas Zone Conference Dec. 2017

This year we have had a goal to bring 60 souls unto Christ through baptism.  Iceland has been working miracles as they have taught the gospel to many investigators.  This week we will have a total of 61 baptisms of which Iceland had four.  With Four companionships, this was a wonderful achievement.  Christmas Zone Conference began Wednesday evening  as they all sang in Selfoss for members and investigators. Thursday the 21st., training took place from 9-1.  Training was focused on D&C 4.  They studied how the Lord uses the commitment, testify and blessing cycle multiple times in the short section with the focus on repentance and baptism.  After that, a slide show of about 20 pictures per elder sent by their families was shown with Christmas music.  Presents were handed out from their families.  Some of the elders opened them then and others waited for Christmas day.  Again they went Caroling to members, investigators and downtown Reykjavik. 
That evening, they came back to the church for a late dinner and watched a Disney movie. These Christmases in the mission will be some of their favorite memories.  There is so much joy as we focus on the Savior and His message to His children.  On Christmas eve and Christmas day the missionaries spent some time at various homes of members and some less active saints.  They each were able to Skype their families and enjoyed the holiday. These missionaries are motivated to begin  the new year with confidence in the forthcoming promised miracles.
We love these Iceland missionaries, young and senior.  They work hard to bring the message of Salvation to those who stand in darkness.  They deserve more than we can give but the Lord is in charge...no doubt.  The Icelandic people are so blessed to have such disciples among them.