Tuesday, December 11, 2018

All mission conference

Last Wednesday, we had an all mission conference once again, this time in Fredericia. The Icelandic missionaries were here too and we had a blast! Here's a group photo. More pictures will come soon.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

All mission conference

The missionaries in the three zones in Denmark (Sydjylland, Nordjylland and Sjælland) reached their baptism goal! Therefore we celebrated with an all mission conference (except Iceland since it's sadly too far away) with Elder de Feo, instead of having three separate zone conferences. The missionaries were taught by the Missionpresident and his wife, the assistants and Elder de Feo. Some of the missionaries shared their musical talents and Sister Olsen made some great lagkage, as promised. They were also vaccinated. Elder Maready has taken some great photos:

Our five great newly-arrived missionaries:

The three sets of cousins in the mission:


All the missionaries serving in the three zones in Denmark:

Sunday, September 30, 2018

30 day in

Earlier this week, Sister Semadeni and Sister Weight, their companions and the AP's were here to celebrate their first weeks here in Denmark! After dinner, we all went to the church building on Frederiksberg to attend a baptism. The following day, we had a lot of training and ended the day by going to the temple. 24 hours of baptism - temple visit - and a traditional Danish Christmas dinner; flæskesteg. Life is good.

Talent show

Last Friday, there was a talent show in the church where some of the missionaries performed. Elder Saviano, Elder Owen and Sister Esplin played a beautiful arrangement of "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul". Elder Schaffer and Elder Lex also played a song called "Consecration", which Elder Schaffer and Elder Lex has written themselves. Here is some of the text from the song:
"Sore from another long day, but I know this is Your way. You've got something You want me to be. Open my eyes and help me see. Holy. Holiness to the Lord. Master, we trust in Your skill. Take us in Your hands and shape us as You will. Oh holy. Holiness to the Lord. I have much to give. Because all I have is His. Helping brothers and sisters feel the light, serving the Lord with all my might. You saved ud with Your power. Help us know Your path. You saved us with Your power. We will walk Your path."