Sunday, February 7, 2016

I think all missions have a similar experience...these missionaries love taking random pictures. I've decided to post some with no explanation...

We refer to this missionary as "Waldo".  you never now where he will show up next...

"Thirty days in the land" meeting in combination with "My Plan" meeting

                                   One of my favorite meetings is our "thirty day in the Land"
                                meeting.  We bring the new missionaries in and have 2-3 days
                               with them.  We really feel that we know them and they know us
                               as they go back to their areas.  With this group being only 4,  we
                             were able to bring in their companions also.  There is much training,
                             cooking, eating, singing, and even a few outside games plying.  It was
                                                               a gorgeous sunny day!


                                     With a McDonald's up the street, lunch is easy.  This McDonald's
                                    knows who we are and what our purpose is.  They look forward to
                                                                            our visit.
                                      Some find it tasty to buy two burgers and envelop them:-O

The last day, we brought our 2 months until departure
missionaries in for their "My Plan" meeting to ready them for life after mission.  We gave them time to counsel with the new missionaries.  They give heartfelt and helpful advice.    

                                                      Domino's pizza is always a favorite!
                                      Attending the Copenhagen Temple is always a perfect
                                                          end to a wonderful 3 days.
                                                          We Love you missionaries!

Parkers Departure

                                    We have loved Elder and Sister Parker.  They have been
                                    wonderful working with the YSA groups in Aarhus
                                    and also in Copenhagen.  They taught institute classes and
                                    home taught 12 families in their ward.  They were a great
                                    support to many, as well as our missionaries.  We are so
                                    blessed to have senior missionaries in Denmark.  Below is
                                    a dinner together with the senior missionaries in Sjaelland.
                                    They return to Provo, Utah where they will be reunited with
                                family and three grand babies which were born during their service.

Visit to Horsens

                       President and I traveled to Horsens to speak in their ward.  We often 
                       see deer as we travel but we saw so many more and even up close this 

                              We were invited to a potluck after church.  We are so impressed
                             with the kindness and love of these members.  They truly love the
                              missionaries.  The food was delicious.  Elder Hendriksen's family
                                         cooked their favorites for us and the missionaries.     

                                                              Elder Hendriksen's family
                                           Picture with our Missionaries serving in Horsens

Monday, January 25, 2016

January transfers, MLC, Zone Training and misc.

After having our son visit for Christmas and New Years, we sent him back to BYU.  Study hard Tom...we love you!

Just a few days later, we needed to say good bye to four of our stalwart sisters.  This is never easy but we are so grateful for their service here in Denmark.  We will miss them but know they are in the Lord's care as they return with honor.  
Sister Van Orden (who just sprained her ankle 5 days ago)
Sister Floyd
Sister Perkins
Sister Sorensen

 We love you sisters<3

Just a few hours later, we picked up four new missionaries.  This is truly a tender mercy just when our hearts are feeling a little empty.
We give these missionaries a view of Copenhagen, a little Danish food, contacting in the city, interviews with President...and then they come to our home for dinner, a little training and a good night sleep before they meet their companions.
That night we had a visit from Sister Floyd, her grandma and parents who came to pick her up in Denmark.  We had a lovely visit .  I feel so much better now.

Elder Brown and Elder Nielsen

Elder Kennedy and Elder Beck

Sister Bevan and Sister Ferguson

Sister Hansen and Sister Lyman

How does the MTC keep sending us such well prepared and fearless missionaries?  Their Danish is unbelievable!

Elder Brown

Sister Hansen

Sister Bevan

Elder Kennedy

The next day, our daughter and grand baby arrived.  After all, don't we need to meet our grand daughter...?

That night we had 16 missionaries arrive for MLC.  We have learned that their favorite night time snack is a  cereal here called "Nougat Bits".  Our grand daughter proved to be very social<3

She was right at home with the noise and doting missionaries.  Perhaps its because she is accustomed to  a busy and noisy home with a dog and four brothers and sisters.

We did a little sight seeing in Copenhagen.  The Christus in Vor Frue Kirke is a favorite.

Sunday we had a fireside on the Book of Mormon at our home.

It was nice to have help from my daughter and grand daughter while making cookies for Zone Conference.  These cookies seem to make the missionaries happy...and when they're happy, we're happy:-)

Saying good bye one week after they arrived.  My daughter and I were able to play an organ/piano duet of "The Lord's Prayer" in sacrament meeting.  It was a wonderful visit.

Our Zone Conference was held the next day.  Here we are in Sjaelland.  I only have the one picture since this conference training came out of SLC.  It was a wonderful meeting being taught by church leaders like Elder Anderson, Elder Bednar, Elder Oaks, Sister Oscarson, etc.   
Jylland Zone Conference (somehow we have to get better at making sure everyone is in full view)
A special closing song offered by two of our talented missionaries.
President and I visited and spoke in the Esbjerg ward.  This is such a loving ward who cares for our missionaries.  They are in the Lord's hands.  WE LOVE DENMARK!