Saturday, August 26, 2017

MLC August 2017

Every six weeks, we receive the Mission Leadership Council into our home for an overnight training.  These disciples may be young but they are wise beyond their years.  Councils are for receiving inspiration...and our mission is in good hands:-)

After Kabobs and an inspirational message from President, they take time for basketball.

Our photographers.  They are standing in front of the kitchen, but outside.  I love handing the camera to various missionaries to get a variety of pictures:-)  They don't mind it too much....

Almost snack time...
Morning comes early, especially if you go running with President.
Breakfast burritos AND baked french toast...sisters first:-)

During cleanup, I gave one elder my camera.  I gave one polite smile...

...but enough is enough!

Just stop already!

The "culprit"
Ready to receive inspiration.
Training on the life of Christ, His teaching...
...and becoming master teachers.

 After so many pictures taken this morning, how did we completely forget to take picture of the Beef Stroganoff over mashed potatoes, summer strawberry salad, rolls and brownies with ice cream???

He's at it again...

These missionaries are a wonderful blessing to our mission and the the danish people.  The Lord's work is being hastened.  We are so grateful to be here working alongside such mighty disciples  We are truly blessed<3

This is a tender sight in our entry way:-)  Worn out shoes in the service of our Lord and Savior.

Travel safely...
We love you missionaries.