Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life is hoppin'..."30 day in the land" orientation and an unfortunate transfer:-(

So we have begun a new tradition for our new missionaries which have been in the land for 30 days:  They come to the mission home for three days and nights for a summarized training of the last three zone trainings.  We feel this will help them to teach more effectively and acclimate quickly to the culture of the mission.  This was a larger group of 14 with the help of our assistants.  

All is clean and quiet before they arrive.  This is the Elders bedroom with 14 beds

This is the downstairs family room.
                     Each night for a bedtime snack, we set out yogurt, muesli, fruit and  cookies.


However we quickly learned that they really appreciate "Nougat bits" cereal and so we just bought 

After a big breakfast and clean up, this room was a very quiet scripture study area

We spent hours of training in the office downstairs.

The assistants led us in our scripture memorizing/ponderizing competitions.  It got pretty intense at times.  Each month the missionaries vote on four "preach my gospel" scriptures to memorize/ponderize.  These new missionaries did a great job!

Scriptures at our feet, hands behind the head...on your mark, get set, go! 

Lots of meals with some pretty serious eating.  (Yes, that is an apron.:-) Aren't they great!

One of my challenges is to find a job for everyone.  They ALL help in the kitchen, setting tables, carrying chairs and tables, washing dishes, etc,etc....

Our assistants even prepared one lunch meal of "Smørrebrød".  We were all taught by Elder Mogensen the true etiquette of eating this Danish meal.  He will truly be missed when he returns to Bornholm at the end of his mission in 2 weeks.  But now we know more of the Danish culture.  

One night we took public transportation into Amager for a great Danish Buffet.  We were having too much fun to remember to take pictures at dinner so we struck a pose on the train.

A movie and popcorn back at the mission home.  Have you seen " A New Day for the Book of Mormon".  Very powerful!

Always a great experience at the temple.

We sent them back to their companions and areas after three days of training.  We feel much closer to each of them.
The next morning President and I went to the train station in Copenhagen to pick up two sisters.

We had to say good bye to "Sister Rovig".  Long story short, visa expired earlier than expected. It was truly a shock, but she accepted the news with true submission.  She has been reassigned in the states to finish her mission.  These missionaries learn to move forward with faith, diligence and humility.  We love you Sister Rovig! We'll keep in touch<3

Their last picture together at the airport...silly sisters...

BTW, Sister Rovig says not to feel too sorry for her...she's going to a warmer place.

So we took her companion out to a Mexican restaurant......and then delivered her to her two 
new companions.  They will seriously be a great trio!


Our first snow of the season!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Never a dull moment...seriously!

Mission Leadership Council- These missionaries never cease to amaze us with their wisdom.

We have two sisters called as our family history specialists.  They have been researching and gathering information as to how the missionaries can best use this new effort to help the people of Denmark with their family history.  This month we are concentrating on this new effort.  Our missionaries will be trained to teach them how to gather information and even print family trees for them.  Danish people are especially interested in their families and this new effort has already created so much more interest.  We are seeing the doors open wide here.  We are very excited! 

Training on the computers.  Iceland had to skype into this MLC and they are front and center here:-)

We appreciate our Zone leaders trying out the comfort of our new family room chairs.  They were quite favorable.

Word to the Wise:  Never leave your phone/camera unattended.

Just when the sisters think they are safe- there's always a "Photo bomber"...
We love these sisters<3

On the road, training the zones.

Each zone has their own specialist to help train the missionaries.  We had a guest appearance from....What was his name again?...who needed help in finding his ancestors...

A family history book to begin the process

Some of our elders are already well on their way gathering information.

Zone leader training

Sister training leaders demonstrating what happens as we use our actions...good or bad.  The domino effect was a great object lesson!

Relaxing and talking about the training at lunch.

Somehow basketball is always an important part of the lunch hour.

Once in awhile the elders get the seniors to make a shot.

Some of us are talked into making a shot even when we have zero talent:-O

Roskilde Zone training.  Help from the zone specialist.

The zone leaders are very talented in musical abilities!

Fredericia Zone training.

Learning to do the "sponge Bob" dance step during a break.

Music seems to be such a great part of this mission.

Zone training in Aarhus.

The zone specialist, aided by a ward member.

More serious talent!

Effective training by the zone leaders.  We have many instruments to use as missionaries.  When used properly with prayer and the spirit, the truth can effectively enter right into the heart of our "investigators" whom we call "friends".

Get ready, aim for the heart....but please stand aside first...

Now that's talent!

Skagen is a favorite p-day site.  Its at the northern tip of Denmark where two seas collide from the east and west. 

After zone training all week, President and I decided to visit Skagen on our p-day.  It was crazy windy and only 43 degrees.  These waters are turbulant!

Lunch at a delicious bakery in Skagen.  I recommend this!

Random picture:  
Will the real President of Denmark Copenhagen Mission please identify himself?  Both name plates came to us from SLC.  Do they want us to speak Danish or Dutch?  The twist is, our family lived in Holland 20 years ago and we DID learn to speak Dutch.  Why does everyone confuse Danish and Dutch!  LOL

President and I visited with and spoke in the Fredrikshavn branch.  We have great missionaries:-)  Does life get any better?