Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Plan Meeting- February 2017

The "My Plan Meeting" takes place 8 weeks before these missionaries return home.  This meeting begins the process of a smooth tradition into "post mission life".   Similar to the official "My Plan", not available in Europe, we work with missionaries to set goals toward self-reliance.  We are missing Elder Stewart, who is serving in Iceland, though he and President had time for this meeting last week.  Usually this meeting is combined with the "30 day in the land" meeting with a newly arrived group.  Unfortunately we have only received 2 missionaries in Denmark over the last 5 months.  That will change next month, gratefully:)

We will miss Elder Beck's, and Elder Murphy's, musical skills on the piano.
Ready to begin.
Traditional lunch of Dominos pizza...a favorite!

Oldungur Stewart
Sister Ogaard arrived as a lone Danish missionary, and returns with 7 Danish and 1 Icelandic elders. 

The perfect end to a great day, attending the temple with these experienced, well-trained and devoted missionaries.  Denmark and the mission will miss them but we will continue faithfully sharing the message of Salvation.  We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Iceland Zone Conference-February 2017

It has been 8 weeks since we have been in Iceland and that is just too long.  We have missed these elders, seniors and members.  Here we are getting ready for Zone Conference.  You can see that these elders enjoy seeing each other.  They are close even though they serve in three areas. 

Pictures of companionships.  Oldungar Stewart and Clegg.
Oldungar Johansen and Winch.
Oldungar Ludwig and Hendriksen.
Oldungar Rodriquez and Rose...(and ...Hendriksen)

Elder and Sister Michaelsen.
Elder and Sister Pfau.
President and Sister O'Bryant.
Oldungur Stewart is Zone Leader and conducting the meeting...
...and squirming during the traditional birthday compliments from everyone.  He is a humble leader and a great example to us all.

Oldungar Ludwig and Winch providing and leading the music.

Oldungur Ludwig training on the language.  How to count to four in the Icelandic language???

Snack time.
What can we say...."When in Iceland, Eat fish"!

These Elders are fed very well.  We have wonderful cooks in the kitchen!

Yep, here they are:)  What would we do without our senior missionaries?

Two o'clock in the afternoon, cloudy, but not raining:)  The Icelanders say they haven't seen such a warm and rainy winter since they can remember.
These elders are quick to clean and wash dishes.  "We are here to serve, not to be served".

These missionaries work hard and long hours in cold, rainy and windy weather.  They are fearless and dedicated disciples.  We love these elders!
President and I traveling south to Selfoss for member interviews.  It was a beautiful drive.  The moss was unseasonably green.
Iceland is full of hot springs and steam vents.

Such beautiful clouds...
 Now these next two pictures have a funny story behind them.   Oldungar Hendriksen and Ludwig are serving in Akureyri, about a five hour drive north of Reykjavik.  This area is growing and we are looking to rent a church building for the members to meet in.  We started with a small number of members meeting in a home a year ago and now we have up to 20 meeting.  These elders heard that there was a village several kilometers away.  Being the hard working elders they are, they decided to find this village and bring the message of salvation to them.  After a long walk, and some difficulty finding the village, they could see in the distance many small homes.  As they came close enough to see the inhabitants, this is all they  The Icelanders take good care of their horses, of which they are very proud.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

South Jylland Zone Conference-February 2017

This Zone Conference is a training from Salt Lake.  It comes from the Executive Missionary department.  The training covered teaching repentance and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is always inspired and encouraging.  Elders Oaks and Bednar are very involved in the teaching.
On the road with over 100 large homemade cookies.
Zone conference begins with celebrating birthdays.
Departing  testimonies from three faithful elders.  They will be missed in Denmark.  Elder Williams...
Elder Howes...
Elder Light.
Training from our Zone Leaders as well as training on how to teach the gospel using social media.

These missionaries are faithful and hard working.  Elder Packer has said that they "Hallow the doorstep of every home they knock on".  We completely agree.  We love you missionaries<3