Sunday, February 5, 2017

North Jylland Zone Conference-February 2017

This Zone Conference is a training from Salt Lake.  It comes from the Executive Missionary department.  The training covered teaching repentance and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is always inspired and encouraging.  Elders Oaks and Bednar are very involved in the teaching.
On the road with over 100 large homemade cookies...
We begin with birthday celebrations and the Danish birthday actions and song.

Training from our Zone Leaders

Training from our Sisters on sharing the gospel through social media.
Cookies for the break.

We were favored by a musical number from  Elders Baadsgaard and Dibble.

These are disciples of the Lord who labor each day to bring salvation to the people of Denmark.  We admire their faithfulness and hard work.  Elder Packer has said that they "Hallow the doorstep of every home they knock on" and we couldn't agree more.  God bless<3

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