Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Plan Meeting- February 2017

The "My Plan Meeting" takes place 8 weeks before these missionaries return home.  This meeting begins the process of a smooth tradition into "post mission life".   Similar to the official "My Plan", not available in Europe, we work with missionaries to set goals toward self-reliance.  We are missing Elder Stewart, who is serving in Iceland, though he and President had time for this meeting last week.  Usually this meeting is combined with the "30 day in the land" meeting with a newly arrived group.  Unfortunately we have only received 2 missionaries in Denmark over the last 5 months.  That will change next month, gratefully:)

We will miss Elder Beck's, and Elder Murphy's, musical skills on the piano.
Ready to begin.
Traditional lunch of Dominos pizza...a favorite!

Oldungur Stewart
Sister Ogaard arrived as a lone Danish missionary, and returns with 7 Danish and 1 Icelandic elders. 

The perfect end to a great day, attending the temple with these experienced, well-trained and devoted missionaries.  Denmark and the mission will miss them but we will continue faithfully sharing the message of Salvation.  We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

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