Thursday, October 29, 2015

Iceland zone conference with Elder and Sister Pilz. We are very blessed to have them.

An absolutely gorgeous day in Reykjavik!  It began with a dusting of snow until the sun came out and placed a glistening touch on everything.  This is the Hallgrimskirkja in the center of Reykjavik.  It is a beautiful historical church site and has hourly tours.

You can see the mountains in the distance and the frost on the rooftops.

Iceland takes pride in their colorful rooftops, mostly red, blue, green and coral.

Elder Pilz teaching on repentance.  He and his wife are truly loved by all they meet.  They are wonderful, faithful leaders.  

As usual, the meal after zone conference was prepared by our senior missionaries.  They watch over and love these missionaries.  Today is a special Icelandic meal of  fish and potato stew, red cabbage, peas, salad, a variety of breads with fish pate and lamb lunch meat.  The brown bread was sweet, more like cake.  Everything was simply delicious!  Elder Geslison made a tasty blueberry yogurt  and ginger bread cookie crust dessert.  YUM!  The challenge in this mission is NOT to gain weight.  

Perhaps all missions are the same but I'm always impressed by how much they serve without ever being asked.  It's just what disciples of the Lord do.  Plus, I have never heard a complaint from these elders.  I want to grow up and be just like them!

Ya gotta love Elder Reimschussel's photo  But don't let that fool you.  We rely on his dedication and hard work to keep us organized.  His sense of humor always lightens the load.  

Elder Robertson taught a lesson with green koolaid on "coming prepared".  Koolaid definitely tastes better when sweetened;-)

This picture was a bit overexposed but who complains when there's too much sun in Iceland!

Later that evening, we met together with the sisters from the two branches in Iceland, Reykjavik and Selfoss.  It's easy to feel distant from the center of the church here in Iceland.  The Pilz's wanted to be sure to visit and spend time with the members.  These women are strong and grateful.  In fact, they are exemplary women of the church.  We can learn much from them.  The following day we met together with both branches for church.  

We love this flag which is a symbol to us of faithful, dedicated' Icelandic members who are doing their best to share the good news of the gospel with family and friends.  Years ago, 400 of their ancestors joined the church and accepted the call to gather in Zion.  Many of them settled in Spanish Fork where you can visit a monument dedicated to the Icelandic pioneers.  They are especially remembered for their preserving the customs of their mother country.
It is truly a joy to visit with these missionaries and members monthly.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arrival of new missionaries...finally!

We dropped our departing missionaries off at the airport @6AM.  We were anxiously waiting  for our 14 new arriving missionaries.  However, their flight was delayed for various reasons.  They ended up coming on two different flights about 5 and 6 hours late.  President and I picked up the first group and the assistants picked up the second group.  They were truly exhausted and hungry. They were fed a delicious danish meal of flæskesteg, frikadeller, kartofler med brun sauce, rødkål, and marcipan lagkage made by our favorite Copenhagen Danish cook.

Safe, tired but happy

Elders Bishopp and Fairbanks

Elders Gardner and Shuppy

Elders Amos and Howe


Elders Weese and Jensen

Elders Allred and Gerber

Elders Nielsen and Jensen

Elders Sakurada and Halling

Elders Carroll and Adams

Elders Howes and Hager

Elders Jensen and Jeppsen

Elders Reed and Gudmunson

Elders Ericksen and McBride

Sisters Perkins and Chesley

Sisters Thompson and Keller

...and of course, Elders Reimshussel and Mogensen.  Thank you elders for keeping us organized.

Denmark is very blessed to receive these missionaries!