Thursday, October 22, 2015

Arrival of new missionaries...finally!

We dropped our departing missionaries off at the airport @6AM.  We were anxiously waiting  for our 14 new arriving missionaries.  However, their flight was delayed for various reasons.  They ended up coming on two different flights about 5 and 6 hours late.  President and I picked up the first group and the assistants picked up the second group.  They were truly exhausted and hungry. They were fed a delicious danish meal of flæskesteg, frikadeller, kartofler med brun sauce, rødkål, and marcipan lagkage made by our favorite Copenhagen Danish cook.

Safe, tired but happy

Elders Bishopp and Fairbanks

Elders Gardner and Shuppy

Elders Amos and Howe


Elders Weese and Jensen

Elders Allred and Gerber

Elders Nielsen and Jensen

Elders Sakurada and Halling

Elders Carroll and Adams

Elders Howes and Hager

Elders Jensen and Jeppsen

Elders Reed and Gudmunson

Elders Ericksen and McBride

Sisters Perkins and Chesley

Sisters Thompson and Keller

...and of course, Elders Reimshussel and Mogensen.  Thank you elders for keeping us organized.

Denmark is very blessed to receive these missionaries!  


  1. Thank you for publishing these pics! - Jon & Sue Shuppy

  2. Oh I love seeing this!!! Thank you for posting pictures & taking care of our dear elder!!!
    Jon & Andrea Weese