Friday, October 16, 2015

Mission Leadership Council, District Meetings, Zone Training and of course, random posts. Iceland photos are still to come...

We love visiting and speaking in various wards.  We visited Nykøbing and spent time with Elders McDougal and Tompkins.  Their ward loves them...almost as much as we do.

Here are Sisters Moseley and Reed.  They are in our ward and we love being with them when we are able to attend our own ward.

Mission Leadership Council.  Everyone wants to help in preparation.  Often we will have 16 missionaries in the kitchen.  These elders found a way to brighten our meal with some origami they had learned two months ago at mission conference.  They truly brighten our life!

Leadership Council

District Meeting- seriously wonderful leadership in this mission!...yet they also know how to have fun:)  They are blessed with constant service and love from Elder and Sister Turpin.

Zone training- with elders Howland and Brady

Sisters Noorda and Van Orden singing for Zone Training

Elder Dickson is an amazingly talented elder on the piano and the organ.

Elders Vance and Bradshaw leading their Zone

Sisters Mandla and Mann effectively adding stressers to our missionaries as they teach how to deal with stress.

Well-deserved fun and competition 

Elder Baasgaard always captivates as he plays the piano

 Elder Higby, taking the time to show off his new suit which he received from Elder Murphy.  Thank you Elder Murphy!  Now we just need to lengthen the pants and well as change to black socks.  "It will all work out".

The missionaries know how to get the attention of the Danish people.  They had a pumpkin carving competition.  Denmark loves decorating for Halloween with pumpkins.

This is an actual Israeli shofar.  We used it in Zone training. Ask the missionaries if it is easy to get a clear's difficult!   Elder Poff is an experienced trumpeter and used his talent to announce the birthdays.

That's right, the shofar made it into the photo:)

Elders Milward and Lester-inspiring their Zone

Working to instruct and edify the zone with Sisters Lyman and Reed who are our new Family History Specialists.

Elder Lester is also a great trumpeter and helped to announce our 37th wedding anniversary.  What a fun celebration with all the Zone training meetings!

Elders Milward and Sakurada- friends since before their missions.

Elder Wilsher digging a hole at Zone Training

A Proclamation being read to celebrate symbolic burial of our weaknesses.

Written down, sealed in a jar and buried.

Who knew that Elder Wilsher or that Elder Sakurada could sing and play like that?  The mission uncovers all kinds of hidden talents.  Impressive!

You can only see a portion of these Elders.  That's right!  Elders Gudmunson and Kinch have lost a total of 150 pounds!!!  Congratulations Elders!

Somehow we missed a picture of Elders Curtis and Hafen in action.  They are two loved and effective Zone Leaders.

Sisters Mølholt and Williams just got tranfered to work together.  This pose is worth a thousand words:)  We're talking maybe 5 feet tall and almost a foot taller.  Missions help us grow in all sorts of ways.    

A delicious Zone training lunch with 15 Kroner (2 dollar) kebabs.  Elders Light and Teynor were still coming in.  These missionaries never pass up an opportunity to contact:)

Denmark is full of faithful, diligent, obedient and hard working missionaries. They are Preach My Gospel missionaries who focus on teaching, inspiring, serving and developing personal Christlike characteristics.  The Lord is leading His work through them.  We could not feel more blessed to be working alongside them.  


  1. Wish I were one of your missionaries!! The kids loooove the pumpkins. :)

  2. Amazing talents, amazing creativity, amazing teachers in this mission... you will look back and cherish these memories! Great job making contacts Elders Light and Teynor- I'm working to give you people to teach. I might be in another part of the world, but missionary work is missionary work wherever you go! Cindy C, (One of the "every member a missionary" club)