Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 2017 Arrivals

It's always a time of great anticipation waiting for our new missionaries to come through the door.  Sometimes they are late, but truly worth the wait:-)  To see the look of relief and joy on their faces when they see us standing with their red flags waving is a moment I will always cherish.  No matter how tired they are...and they ARE tired...they are just excited and ready to work.  We are truly blessed<3

We definitely make our presence known.  Many on-lookers, and we love getting the Danes attention.

Our later arrivals receive lunch from one of the Danish bakeries.  Always a "hit"!

I return home to make a "Traditional Christmas Dinner" to welcome them, while they all go toCopenhagen for office work and contacting in the big city.

It was such a beautiful day and they found some "real treasures" in the backyard...;-O  

They chose to play basketball rather than ping pong.  It is always great to see them interact together.  Just keep it friendly and non-competitive missionaries...

Traditional breakfast burritos and some baked french toast.

I tell the new arrivals that today is like Christmas in Denmark.  There's so much anticiption.  It's so exciting to receive a trainer.  Trainers have a huge impact on our mission.  We speak of Charity continuously.
Training by our office senior missionaries, Elder and Sister Johnson.

Matching up with their trainers, but with one sister, it's pretty easy to see who the trainer will be...

Elder Throckmorton will be in a threesome.  These are two fine and gentle elders.  Let's have a group hug:)

Elders Preece and Maready
My finger was too quick before the hug, but I love the facial expressions.

Traditional Dominos pizza and fruit before traveling to their areas.

Elder Maready
Elders Preece and Maready
Elder Throckmorton
Elders Lex, Throckmorton and Thompson
Elder Bailey
Elders Bailey and Jamison
Sister Andrizzi
Sisters Whitlock and Andrizzi

Elder Jepsen
Elders Brown and Jepsen
Elder Wright
Elders Reed and Wright

Elder Newton
Elders Burgin and Newton
Elder Myers
Elders Birch and Myers

Elder Angerhofer
Elders Saviano and Angerhofer
Elder Gottfredsen
Elders Hunt and Gottfredsen
Elder Hunsaker
Elders Hunsaker and Peel

Can you feel the excitement and expectation from the pictures?  Every six weeks, we are rejuvinated by these new missionaries.  Its a tender experience to work alongside these disciples.  They are a righteous army with saving power.   Denmark is blessed!
Such a gorgeous day in Denmark.  See you in two weeks missionaries!  Travel safely<3

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  1. Love this mission blog! It makes me so happy to see what my Missionary is up too! Seeing him so happy lessens the pain of not having him here...thank you! Melissa Bailey