Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Welcome to Denmark Copenhagen Mission

We are excited to finally be here in Denmark with these wonderful missionaries.  What better place could we find ourselves?  President and Sister Sederholm  have turned this blog over to us for updating. We will do our best to keep you informed.

For starters, here we are.                                                                                                                        
We enter Denmark with the name of "O'Bryant" but come from names such as Christensen, Jensen, Hansen, etc.  Personally I think we should change our name for three years.  Don't you?  
We want you to know that we love these missionaries!  We are impressed with their faithfulness, their obedient hearts, their strength, love of the gospel, and love of the Danish people.  From the moment we landed in Denmark, we have been on a sprint to catch up.  We have visited each zone, partaken in Mission Leadership Council, flown to Iceland to meet with all the missionaries and have traveled to every missionary´s apartment to interview and visit with them (all except Bornholm, which is next on our list).  We are humbled to be a part of this sacred work.  The Lord is at the helm and we prayerfully follow His lead.  We are  "Full Purpose Missionaries", striving and teaching to endure faithfully to the end.
President O´Bryant has chosen to focus this obedient mission on "becoming" all that our Father would have us "become".   We study the characteristics of Christ and set goals to better emulate His life.  We are grateful for your raising such valiant Elders and Sisters.  They bless our lives, their companions lives and the lives of the Danish people.

I promise to become better at remembering to take pictures.  But for now, here are some random pictures.   

Our welcoming committee at the airport

Random pictures of missionaries

a visit from Elder Pilz- our Area Seventy

A few pictures of Beautiful Iceland and a few of the missionaries.


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