Friday, March 25, 2016

"Thirty days in the land" and "My Plan" meeting.

Specialized training for our newest missionaries.  We brought their companions and then added the four other sisters who were still in training but arrived one transfer earlier.  15 beds in the basement and 4 on the main flour.  Our one Elder and his trainer will arrive early for breakfast and return to their apartment late each day.
Pausing for a picture...and President reminding them.....(it speaks for itself:)  Seriously though, some missionaries are too fun to tease...
After training, there's always time for a friendly competition of ping pong.

Thank goodness for a big kitchen!  We take up every available space and then some... 

Baked french toast with an egg casserole is always a favorite.
There's always music in the air...either someone's on the piano while others sing or missionaries just singing while they help.
The kitchen is definitely a "happenin' place".
Always effective training by the assistants.
Role playing what we learn is essential to effectiveness!
Elder Stevens and his trainer, Elder Ziegler.

Found these two role playing in the kitchen stairwell:)

Note the daffodils, which the Elders carried carefully on the train all the way to the mission home.  Always thinking of others as they develop Christlike attributes.  We also had a moment of teaching how to fold napkins like flowers...

Lunch down the street at McDonald's.

You may notice I have no food.  This particular McDonald's is managed by Christians and love the missionaries.  If we have to wait a few minutes longer, they bring your food on a silver tray.  I missed taking the picture of it. 
Fajitas for dinner.
Dessert was Spencer W. Kimball's raspberry cheesecake recipe.

These elders, as always, put the sisters first and sat in the kitchen.  As you see it was a "real" sacrifice to sit with all the food rather than the decorated tables;)
Seriously, no one could move Elder Ziegler away from doing the dishes...and there were A LOT of dishes!
One of our elders is actually 6'7".  Now guess which one took this picture...

I will say that this elder is always thinking of ways to serve.  Any elder who survives the MTC as a lone elder with 8 sisters is a hero...and pretty blessed.
A bedtime snack of fresh rolls, peanut butter, jam and honey.  Some were a little more excited than others:)
Gathering for a spiritual thought and prayer.
Training on "Improved Finding".
Our "30 day" missionaries being counseled by our "My Plan" missionaries who will be serving for only one more transfer.  This is a wonderful training from their peers who have learned vital lessons after serving in Denmark.
Dominos pizza after the training.

A perfect ending to a wonderful three days of training.
In a world that is becoming more about "self", these amazing disciples are becoming more "Christlike" and spreading the joy of the  gospel.  We are grateful for each of them.

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  1. They are amazing missionaries and stellar young adults...I am in awe of their hard work and dedication!