Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Departures/Arrivals Feb. 2018

Every six weeks, President and I say "goodbye" and "hello" to our missionaries.  It is not easy!  I will say that we don't have much time for the "grey clouds" to hang over us since we meet the newly arriving missionaries within an hour after the departures.  I have often been grateful for this inspired schedule.  Missionary life is a blessing and we learn in so many ways to submit to the Lord's plan and His time schedule. 
Here is our departure dinner and fireside.  Strangely, grilled tuna sandwiches, homemade tomato soup and a danish layer cake was requested.  It was quite delicious;)

We continually request to keep our feet out of the pictures...but every now and then, our "photographer" needs a little more experience.  I couldn't help myself in posting this picture.  It will forever cause me to laugh!  She quickly handed over the camera to another missionary after she saw this!

Much better!

We love you Sister Sliwoski.  Kom godt hjem<3

 Another departure dinner.  Cafe Rio Pork Salads were requested and we do all we can to please.  They were quite delicious, but we probably don't remember what they are suppose to taste like anymore;-)

Our last fireside, words of counsel, and departing testimonies.  These are very tender meetings.  It's hard to imagine these most experienced missionaries will not be with us after tomorrow.

Baggage packed and weighed...ready for an early departure to the airport.

...and one more bedtime snack of their favorite cold cereal.

Elder Foulger departed at 3:30AM.  Our assistants took him so President and I could leave a few hours later with the others.  Now "go home and take a nap, Elders".

Waiting in line with "butterflies" in their stomachs.  So many mixed feelings...

This has been such a strong group of faithful missionaries.  We will miss them but we are so grateful for their service.  We have watched them become disciples as they have submitted everything to the Lord.  It has been a privilege to work at their side.  We are better people for having known them.

A new beginning with newly arriving missionaries, keeps us focused and moving forward.  They are so grateful to be here and we are so blessed to receive them<3

 Traditional Danish Christmas dinner for their first meal here (flaeskesteg, frikadeler, hvide og brune kartofler, rød kohl and a marcipan layer cake.)

We keep them awake by playing ping pong.  In the mission, this is one of our favorite competitive sports.  we try to stay away from sports which may cause injuries...

 We try to keep the competition to a minimum, but it can be a challenge for some...

Breakfast comes early with traditional breakfast burritos.

After sacred scripture study, we travel to the Copenhagen chapel for training and meeting up with their trainers.

The anticipation of meeting their trainers and trainees, and finding out where they will serve, is like waiting for Christmas.  Really so exciting!


Sister Warren
Sisters Warren and Schanner
Sister Uluave
Sisters Matheson and Uluave

Sister Partner
Sisters Partner and Smith
Sister Routh
Sisters Routh and Day

Elder McBride
Elders Smith and McBride
Sister Dorman
Our threesome, Sisters Whittier, Dorman, and Thorpe

Traditional Dominos Pizza before traveling to their areas

Their new bedding provided

These new missionaries have just began the most remarkable and blessed experience of their life.  They will become more dependent upon their Heavenly Father than ever before, and He will provide more miracles than they have ever believed possible.  They will strive to follow the example of Christ and return home as true disciples.  The Denmark Copenhagen Mission is truly blessed<3


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these special moments!!❤️


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  2. Love, love, love these! Thank you for sharing!

  3. We love this group of missionaries and are so glad they are in Denmark!


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