Monday, September 28, 2015

Bornholm, Mission Presidents Conference,Thornes departure, Aarhus Stake Conference, Zone Conference, 1 month meeting

Bornholm is an island east of Copenhagen.  We have two faithful Elders and one faithful Senior Missionary couple who serve there.  We arrived and were greeted with beauty and delicious food.  Chinese food with the elders and Sister Johnson's delicious home cooked meal. Here we are with  Branch President Johnson, Sister Johnson, the elders and a surprise visit from three past Denmark missionaries.  It was a blessed experience to be among them.  Bornholm is in good hands.


Elders Wilshire and Jensen

The Johnson's home

Sadly, we missed Zone Training because of the Europe Area Mission Presidents Conference.  However, I must say Vienna, Austria was beautiful and our new Area Presidency were so inspiring.  We return to Denmark anxious to share their messages.

                                                             Elder and Sister Thorne

Departure dinner for the Thornes

I'm not sure we'll survive without them...but I have their email address and phone number.  We love you and wish you well.  Thank you for your service.

Aarhus Stake Conference.  Look who we found!  Elder Clawson and his parents visiting.  We love you Elder Clawson.

...and then we found another great missionary...Elder Pitcher!  So much fun to see our missionaries and their parents visiting.  We love you Elder Pitcher.

Jylland Zone Conference

Sister Rovig drew a timeline of Zone Conference, hour by hour, message by message.  She really has a talent!  

We were serenaded with a special musical presentation by Sister Van Orden and Sister Ripa.

Random pics from Zone Conference lunch.

A BIG thank you to our wonderful senior missionary couples:  Elder and Sister Morgan, Elder and Sister Blackham, and Elder and Sister Turpin.

Training by our assistants:  Elders Mogensen and Reimschussel

Small group role plays.

Sjælland Zone Conference

Sister Sørensen was our talented timeline artist.

A very effective role play taught by Elders Mogensen, Reimschussel, and Light.

Lunch was enjoyed by all.  Another BIG thank you to our senior couples:  the Buxtons, Ottleys, Brookes, Parkers, Warnsdorfs, Johnsons and Lyn Bryner.

At Sjælland Zone Conference, we enjoyed a beautiful quartet singing "There is an hour of peace and rest" by Sisters V. Reed and Floyd and Elders Milward and Porter.  The photographer was busy accompanying them...yours truly. 

Then two days later, Copenhagen had a musical fireside.  Many of our missionaries took part.  A quartet:  Sisters V.Reed and Floyd and Elders Milward and Porter singing "All Creatures of our God and king".  Sister Williams sung a solo of "I know that My Redeemer Lives".  Elder Teynor carried the tenor part alone in a small choir. Sister Lyman accompanied several musical numbers.  Sister Lyman and I (Sister O'Bryant) were able to perform a piano/organ duet of "The Holy City".  So have I mentioned that we have been blessed with many missionaries with incredible musical talents!  We will be using these musical talents more in the upcoming months.   

A great month came to a close with our "30 day in the land" missionaries and their trainers coming to Copenhagen for a day of training and a session in the temple.
Denmark, get ready!  These missionaries are going to change your life!!! 

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