Saturday, September 5, 2015

September transfers, departures, arrivals, and MLC

Mission conference with Elder Dyches and his wife.

A wonderful meeting with Elder Pilz and his wife, Stake President Bernskov and wife, Stake President Kreiberg, Temple President Williams and wife, and President, myself and our son.

Departing missionaries Elder and Sister Madsen, and Sister Hamblin.  These are difficult good byes but thankfully we received more a few hours later. 

What a blessing to receive Elder and Sister Buxton.  They brought strong testimonies and a wonderful spirit.

I've NEVER been good at goodbyes.  I'm not sure we will survive without these wonderful missionaries.  They have carried us through our two months here.  We love you Elders <3

And lo and behold, just a few hours later...we were blessed with a strong group of elders.  Denmark is truly blessed.

Arrival dinner get together for the Buxtons and Lynn Briner (sp?).  Lynn is a local and we are blessed to have him.

New Elders and their trainers.

Elders Higby and Baadsgaard

Elders Erickson and Hartman

Elders Jensen and Wilshire


Elders Eaves and Olson

Elders Gudmundson and Bennett

Elders Tompkins and McDougal 

Elders  Bateman and Magleby

Elders Murphy and Dibble

Elders Burton and Curnow

Elders Francis and Halversen

Elders Lee and Perkins

Elders Light and Teynor

Elder and Sister Buxton

Random pictures of our Mission Leadership Conference dinner

Mission Leadership Council

A beautiful last day in Denmark for our son.

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