Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Iceland "30 day in the land" training. Akureri visit.

Our Iceland zone minus two elders who serve in Akureri.   As you may have guessed, we just love and admire these amazing missionaries.
A 15 hour training to help train our newest elders in Iceland.
Training by our faithful assistants.
 Lunch at Taco Bell!  A first for all of us:-)

                                 I don't usually like photos with full mouths, but this was worth it!
 Need I say that it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend with beautiful skies, full sun and cold temperatures.
Dinner was "tiki masala" made by The Lovelands, senior missionaries.  Delicious!
These missionaries are well taken care of by our seniors.

   These Elders, always helpful setting up, doing dishes, and politely waiting until the sisters are served first.

Gorgeous sunsets...
  Flight to Akureri where our two elders have been working the area for almost 3 months.  They have been working very hard!
  We were picked up by the group leader and his wife.
  Delicious dinner made by the members Saturday night and a message from our elders.
 Church in Akureri is at the home of a member.  It was a tender, spiritual day with two dedicated elders and four members.  They are faithful members with strong testimonies and missionary hearts.  They fed us a delicious meal after church.  Thank you!

 A little more snow in Akureri:-)

Flight back to Reykjavik.  I love the colors!

 The Reykjavik ward was planning a pot luck dinner after church:-)

 Polite elders always waiting for others to dish up first.
 Another gorgeous day in Denmark.  Cold, but Sunny!

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  1. You both sure are busy doing great things! I love seeing the land from above in the airplane. So many square houses below. And soooooo much snow in... Forgot how to spell that town. Looks like they feed you well there... I'm so glad. Funny that you got to eat at Taco Bell! Awesome! Love your posts!