Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Thirty days in the land" meeting in combination with "My Plan" meeting

                                   One of my favorite meetings is our "thirty day in the Land"
                                meeting.  We bring the new missionaries in and have 2-3 days
                               with them.  We really feel that we know them and they know us
                               as they go back to their areas.  With this group being only 4,  we
                             were able to bring in their companions also.  There is much training,
                             cooking, eating, singing, and even a few outside games plying.  It was
                                                               a gorgeous sunny day!


                                     With a McDonald's up the street, lunch is easy.  This McDonald's
                                    knows who we are and what our purpose is.  They look forward to
                                                                            our visit.
                                      Some find it tasty to buy two burgers and envelop them:-O

The last day, we brought our 2 months until departure
missionaries in for their "My Plan" meeting to ready them for life after mission.  We gave them time to counsel with the new missionaries.  They give heartfelt and helpful advice.    

                                                      Domino's pizza is always a favorite!
                                      Attending the Copenhagen Temple is always a perfect
                                                          end to a wonderful 3 days.
                                                          We Love you missionaries!

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