Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Plan meeting-April

Our car is filled with these beautiful sisters.  After a three hour meeting of planning "life after mission" and a Domino's pizza lunch, we're off to the Fredriksborg slot (castle).  Normally we attend the temple but unfortunately it's closed.  Next best thing, seeing the Carl Bloch paintings displayed at the castle.

This castle is one of the most beautiful in Denmark.  One to be remembered.
An extraordinary 2 story chapel.  We were favored with a small organ, flute concert.

The Carl Bloch is only lit with light through the windows.  It is filled with paintings of Christ we recognize and love.  They have been loaned out only once, and that was to the care of BYU.  They have also been restored by BYU specialists.
The Great Hall is huge with walls covered by tapestries and engraved leather.  It would be perfect for our next zone conference, but perhaps they aren't ready for us yet

This room brings out the "dance" in all of us.

Where is a photographer when we need one?
There's always a friendly Dane to oblige.  Tusind Tak!
Sometimes we bring our own photographers..
A beautiful day, no rain, just gorgeous clouds, a memorable castle and a senior group of missionaries whose love of the Savior continue a culture of obedience and love in the Denmark Copenhagen mission.
Don't forget to bring bread for the local residents!

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