Saturday, May 21, 2016

May departures and arrivals

Dinner and FHE with the Turpins and our missionaries in Odense
Goodbye to Sister Mann who extended to train two sisters at once.  Thank you Sister Mann, we love you!

Departure of four of our wonderful elders.  Bitter sweet to lose so much dedication and expertise but we love them and know they will be blessed for their selfless service.
Elder Nielsen

Elder Higby
Elder Vance

Elder Pike

Always serving!

President got detained paying for luggage weight...So we took the picture without him...

Always blessed to receive more arrivals soon after the departures!  Welcome to Denmark:-D
A taste of Denmark of Smorbrod.
After a day in Copenhagen, they arrive for a traditional Danish dinner.
The kitchen is where we gather...always ready to help.

Ping pong challenge always seems to keep them up a few more hours.
A good night sleep, a breakfast for champions and off to meet their trainers and travel to their areas.
             This is always an exciting meeting when our arriving missionaries meet their trainers.

We have one more sister arriving in one week.  Her trainer will be anxiously waiting.
Elder Smith

Elders Smith and Howes

Sister Kuhlo

Sisters Batey and Kuhlo

Sister Baggeley, anxiously waiting another week for her sister to arrive.
Elder Ericksen

Elders Thurman and Ericksen
Elder Cooper
Elders Dickson and Elder Cooper

Elder Whitaker

Elders Whitaker and Williams
Elder Evans
Elders Evans and Teynor
Called to Serve.  Denmark will be blessed!

Lunch before travel

Denmark is beautiful.  Have no doubt...
...and Denmark is beautifully green!

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  1. I'm the great Dane (elder Whitaker) mom. Thanks so, so much for posting pictures of my boy. Thanks for taking good care of him. He is so excited to be about his fathers work. love you guys, thanks again for all you do.