Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Arrivals

Truly it is inspired to receive more arriving missionaries a few hours later.  They come happy, excited and exhausted.  They come ready to submit themselves humbly and work hard for the Lord.  They are remarkably faithful and very impressive.

They always begin with a trip to the mission office, and interview, some traditional danish food, their first contacting experience in Copenhagen and a visit to the Christus.  I wish I had pictures of everything but I hurried home to make a traditional Danish Evening meal.  Here is a homemade Lagekage (layer cake).

Flaekesteg (pork roast), Frikadeller (pork meatballs), Buine kartofler (sugar potatoes), hvide kartofler (white boiled potatoes) with sovs (gravy) and Rod Kol (red cabbage) ...and lagekage:-)

Spiritual thought and prayer

Plenty of games to keep them awake until bedtime

Early morning breakfast of breakfast burritos before training.
Meeting their companions/trainers:  Sister Nelson and Sister Ogaard.

Sister Ludlow and Sister Naylor...

...and Sister Haag.  Extra blessed/

Elder Smith and Elder Weese.
Sister Whitlock and Sister McArthur.

Sister Macdonald and Sister Sorensen

Sister Player and Sister Hughes.

Sister Petersen and Sister Andrew.

Elder Magleby will receive his trainee on Tuesday.

A pizza lunch before they travel to their new areas.

Sister Macdonald

Sister Nelson

Sister Petersen

Elder Smith

Sister Ludlow

Sister Player

Sister Whitlock

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Elder Johansen

Trainer Elder Magleby

Are we blessed or what?  Get ready Denmark...Here come more faithful disciples<3

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this blog for all of us back home! It makes me really happy to see Sister Player.