Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Departures

Departure dinner

We have depended on these missionaries for so many reasons.  They have trained other missionaries and they are talented as well as dedicated and diligent.  They have faith and power to teach repentance and baptize converts.  We have loved them.  We know they will take what they have learned and continue strengthening the kingdom of God on earth.  We will miss them but know they will continue fulfilling the Lord's purposes.

Final training of "My Plan" in returning home and how to adjust.

Elder McConkie
Elder Sakurada
Elder Robertson

Sister Ferguson

Sister Williams

Elder Daw

Sister Orr

Sister Landvatter

Elder Porter

Elder Carroll

Elder Bradshaw
Elder Amos

Elder Dickson

Elder Milward

Sister Keller
Breakfast @ 5:30AM with an extra driver, Erik

Breakfast burritos

Four cars and a van to get everyone to the airport with all the luggage

The airport was extra busy today.  It was not easy keeping everyone plus luggage  organized.  One of our elders was traveling back to the UK on a different airline.  We separated and he made his flight, but he missed the final good bye picture.  We love you Elder Amos!

President O'Bryant missed the final picture also.  He got stuck at the luggage payment window. 

Elder Buxton is always busy behind the scenes.


We didn't get everyone going up the escalator but they all made it.

Sister Orr will meet her parents at the mission office since they are coming to pick her up.  We can only say that we lose part of our hearts every six weeks<3  We love you Elders and Sisters.  Keep in touch!

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