Monday, December 26, 2016

Iceland "60 day in the Land training" and Christmas Zone Conference

Traveling to Iceland is always a pleasure.  Iceland is a beautiful country.  We love the faithful and hard working elders, three dedicated senior couples,  the members, as well as the Icelanders.  We descended through a thunderstorm as we landed.  The cloud formations were beautiful!  The pilots are well trained, thankfully, for our plane was hit by lightening as we continued to a safe landing. 

Our 60 day training began at 9A and ended at 9P.  It was a great day and we are always blessed to be in the presence of these great elders.  They are faithful and happy.

The training consists of "epistles to the Lord", repentance, improved finding, how to love your mission, as well as much more.  We try to prepare these newer arrived missionaries on the subjects from the last year of zone conference.

A break with cookies and root beer!

President, trying to explain to Elder Hendriksen the "proper" art of giving oneself a missionary haircut.   This Elder brings a smile and laughter to everyone around him.  He told me to write, "Sorry Mom" and he'll do better next time:) 

Role playing...

A new snow hat for warmth in Akureyri.

Lunch at Taco bell.

After a long day of training, dinner at a delicious hamburger and ribs restaurant in Reykjavik.

Iceland has a tradition of 13 "naughty" santa clauses.  Everywhere you go, they decorate with these little gnomes, who are always watching whether you are naughty or nice...

The next day was Zone Conference.  It doesn't get light until around 11 o'clock.  However, the lights in Iceland are really beautiful!
Elder Rose has a birthday this transfer.  Our tradition is to say nice things about the birthday missionary.  It was really difficult for him to stand in front while we complimented him:)  We love his humility.
The Shephards have been working with records retention in Iceland.  They have served a year and will return home next month.  Here, they are bearing their testimonies.  We will miss them.  God bless<3

Singing Christmas hymns in Icelandic.
Elder Ludwig and Wintch and their musical talents.  (friend me on FB for videos)
Elder Stewart and Wintch playing a duet.
The Christmas Story narrated by the deep voice of Elder Rose.

A harmonica duet by President and Sister O'Bryant.  (Yes, he was very nervous...but is a natural:)

These elders are always fed well by the senior missionaries.

We're drawing crowds...

Time for gift giving, family Christmas pictures, a Disney movie...and more snacks:)

This was a wonderful experience to be here in Iceland.  We love these missionaries and feel so blessed to be serving with them.   They" truly preach repentance and baptize converts".   In fact, this has been a great year of bringing more souls to Christ.  A new group has been formed in Akureyri and has tripled in membership.  We are now searching for a building to meet in as a new branch.  Iceland is blessed! 
They even project the Santa Clauses moving on the buildings...

At the airport...the mother of the Santa Clauses and her cat.

Returning home to Denmark, we were greeted by our son who arrived from America an hour earlier:-D  Merry Christmas.

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