Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jylland Christmas Zone Conference

Zone Conference began with a special pick up from the airport..our son Tom:-D

Christmas Zone Conference is a highly anticipated day for all of us. It is a day of arriving and departing testimonies, birthdays, training, special speakers, Christmas message on Christ, the Christmas story, music, a video of family Christmas pictures, a visit from Santa bringing presents, a Disney movie and....... endless eating of delicious food.  This Zone Conference was a little different that the other two.  The mission van drove to Jylland carrying presents from the families.   However, before delivery, it was broken into and 1/3 of the presents were stolen.  The good news is that there were several Book of Mormons taken and we can only hope they will read them, repent and be baptized!  Yes, these wonderful disciples were disappointed but quickly returned to their happy, singing, smiling selves and we had a great day with great gratitude.  You see, they are blessed with an understanding of the Plan of Salvation  and an eternal perspective of the atonement and their purpose here in Denmark.   We love Denmark and the Danish people!  In fact, the members heard what happened and bought loads of presents for these missionaries!  There was a special delivery during Zone Conference so everyone received something.  This was a Christmas to remember in many ways.  Denmark is blessed to have these faithful disciples of the Lord.  

Language training

Birthdays, compliments, singing and candy bars

Missionary birthday song with actions
Arriving testimony by Sister Ravn and....
Brother Ravn
Departing testimony from Elder Eaves.
Departing testimony from Elder Halversen
Departing testimony from Elder Jensen
Departing testimony from Elder McDougall
Training by the assistants on how to conquer challenges and then retaining that "hill" without retreating.

Our wonderful Stake President Kreiberg
Our wonderful Mission President O'Bryant sharing a message on Christ


Music from our amazing  traveling Christmas choir.  (For videos, please friend me on FB)

They surrounded the audience and sang a wonderful closing number.

President has a natural ability to play the harmonica...beautifully.  It was a pleasure to perform a duet of "O Holy Night".
What would we do without these dedicated senior missionaries.?!  We love them and they love the missionaries!  Thank you for aaalll you do continually for the mission and our missionaries.
They served a traditional danish meal and it was delicious!

Traditional rice pudding with cherry sauce.  It is filled with broken almonds.  However the tradition is that there are several whole almonds and whoever finds it in their bowl must "cheek it" until all the pudding has been consumed.  Then there are presents for those who found the whole almond.

Sister Naylor and Elder Smith perform "Rocks, paper, scissors" over two different presents...

Elder Poff and Bishopp received money for their present.
Not enough seats at the tables, so our humble seniors sat in the foyer...

Ho, ho, ho...and Santa arrives with presents for everyone.

These wonderful missionaries broke out in singing Christmas carols while presents were being delivered.  How can we not love and adore them???

(So sorry about the blurry photo)
We love each of these missionaries!  We know we are blessed to be here and take part in this important work.  We teach repentance and baptize converts.  We bless people with a knowledge of the Saviors plan and love for us, the atonement and the eternal perspective.  We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission!  Merry Christmas.

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