Monday, January 30, 2017

January 2017 MLC

Arrival of the Mission Leadership Council.  Often these missionaries have not seen each other for a very long time.

The kitchen is a favorite gathering place.

I guess these elders got the "memo"...
Spiritual thought
This seems to be the favorite activity before bed...

Breakfast before personal study and training.

The sun arises at 8AM.

Ready for Mission Leadership Council.  As Elder Ballard has said, Councils are to receive revelation.  That is exactly what happens in these councils.  These missionaries are so faithful and inspired.  This mission is in good hands.
These four came to give a presentation on how Denmark can better utilize technology.  Denmark will not be receiving missionary ipads, but we have an effective plan.

Training by the assistants.
A big lunch before heading back to their areas.
The O'Bryant family's favorite chili.


We love you missionaries!  Thank you for all you do<3

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