Friday, April 21, 2017

Departures and arrivals April 2017

The departure dinner with advice on returning home and testimonies.  Every six weeks, we say good-bye to the most experienced and effective missionaries in the mission.  We have watched them repent and become more Christ-like.  We have been strengthened by their testimonies.  They will be sorely missed but we are grateful for their service.
Elder Thurman
Elder Bishopp
Elder Nielsen
Elder Beck
Elder Hartmann (he's 6'7")
Oldungur Stewart
Elder Poff
Elder Murphy
Sister Ogaard

Arrival at the airport at 4A for their 6A flights.

No companion to fly home with...
We truly love these disciples<3

Thank goodness we receive arrivals the same day.  They are so excited to finally arrive in the mission.  They are tired and surviving on adrenalin.  They will do a little street contacting, see Copenhagen a bit, eat a traditional Danish lunch....
...and then arrive at the mission home for a home cooked traditional Danish meal.
They learn quickly, they are here to serve and not to be served.
We do our best to keep them awake...but this group had several who fell asleep before ping pong began.

Breakfast!  Sisters first:)

Sister Lanham survived the MTC with 9 elders and no other sisters. 
Training begins the day after arrival.

Their trainers arrive and are trained on being  effective trainers.  This day is EXCITING!
Meeting their trainers:)

Our Icelandic Elders (Oldungar) will travel to Iceland to meet their trainers. 

We feel so blessed to receive this great group of missionaries.
Elders Burgin and Saviano.

Oldungar Mitchell and Jacobsen

Elders Iverson and Dibble

Elders Francis and Merrill

Elders Thorngren and Perkins

Elders Arnold and Jensen

Elders Schaffer and Preece

Sisters Lanham and Holbrook

Elders Christensen and Whitaker

Traditional Dominos pizza before traveling to their areas.
Such a beautiful day to welcome them in Denmark!

Arrival pictures in Iceland.
These are hard-working and dedicated missionaries.  There are eight Oldungar with three wonderful senior couples.  We love visiting them every six weeks.

Iceland is a beautiful country.  Here are Lupine flowers which grow wild.

We feel so blessed to be in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission where we teach repentance and baptize converts.  We have faith to baptize and are experiencing the harvest as we plant seeds of the gospel.  Even in Denmark and Iceland, the gospel is being taught and accepted!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these beautiful photos! We love seeing our MTC group in Denmark and Iceland and wish them well. We miss them at the MTC in our Branch, but we received 3 new missionaries Wednesday that will be joining you soon in Denmark.