Friday, April 21, 2017

Mission Leadership Council April 2017

These missionaries gather for leadership council and it's truly a joyful reunion each time. 

That joyful reunion is extended to this favorite

A spiritual thought and prayer before bed...
...and of course, ping pong.

Baked French Toast for breakfast before sacred study time.

Mission Leadership Council begins.  As Elder Ballard says, "councils are to receive revelation".  These missionaries do just that".  The Denmark Copenhagen Mission is guided by the Lord through revelation.  Today we trained more on effective teaching of the Plan of Salvation and how to nurture better companionships.
Per request, an Italian meal with Parmesan chicken, Fettuccine, salad, homemade garlic bread sticks, and brownies with ice cream and sauce.

We come to serve...not to be served.  Thank you missionaries! 
We love you missionaries!  Denmark is blessed to have you<)

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