Monday, May 8, 2017

Iceland Zone Conference and "thirty day in" meeting May 2017.

An unusually clear and beautiful view of Iceland from the air. 
Our first meeting begins with the Oldungar (and their trainers) who have been in the land for "thirty days".  We enjoyed dinner from Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried.  President takes the most effective training from the last year and bring these missionaries up to date:  1) Becoming a self-sufficient PMG missionary  2) Using time wisely  3) Teaching for understanding  4) We invite, They commit, We follow-up  5) Becoming Epistles of the Lord  6) Repentance  7) Improved finding  8) Loving your mission.
Ready for Zone Conference to begin...

White handbook training.
Language training.

Assistant's training.
It was such a beautiful day.
Role playing...

Testimonies given by our new senior missionaries, Oldungur and Systir Huff.

Our three Senior sisters who are also wonderful cooks.

We were favored by a solo from Elder Hendriksen, accompanied by elder Wintch, "Oh, How Lovely was the Morning".
We love these missionaries!  They are diligent, faithful and understand the power of faith to find and teach.
We continued training with these elders until late that night.  These elders are bold but not overbearing and very effective.  We love Iceland and we love missionaries.

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