Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fredericia Zone Conference-June 2018

We are always greeted in Fredericia by warm smiles.  We look forward to reuniting every six weeks for Zone Conference.  President and I meet with missionaries more often but it's wonderful to be together.  Zone Conference was on The Four Cornerstones for progressing investigators, Final hopes for our missionaries, and the Atonement-Mercy vs. Justice.

White handbook training
Language training
Birthday celebrations

Introduction of Elder Jensen
Elder Jensen bearing testimony in Danish

Departing testimony of Elder Birch.  We will miss him.  He will be remembered for his charity and dedication.
We have many hopes for these missionaries.  We have learned to have expectations with charity.  We were called and began preparing for our mission on September 16th, 2018.  We asked the missionaries what they were doing on that day...oh so long ago...LOL
This is probably my favorite training President has ever given...finding balance in the Atonement by accepting the Law of Justice but developing equal faith in the Lord's grace and mercy.

He always uses a little humor in his teaching..
Our final words to the missionaries while we support each other...

A special number as the closing song, "Come Unto Christ".  Elder Harding played the clarinet, Elder Thompson sang and Sister Funk accompanied on the piano.  So beautiful!
Each missionary signed this Danish flag for us to take home<3

Tobias Hendriksen, one of our previous missionaries, came to say goodbye. 

Thank you for the Danish ornaments!<3
Then the missionaries sang "I believe in Christ" in Danish.  Elder Merrill accompanied them.  It was  tender to listen to their sung testimonies.

After the Hymn, they gave us a danish Book of Mormon with each missionary's favorite scripture marked in the book.  Such a wonderful gift<3

Elder and Sister Fonnesbeck oversee and bless the missionaries in Fredericia.  They are loved by all.

We have loved our time in Denmark with the beautiful green land and blue skies.  The members are faithful, kind and helpful in every way.  However our greatest joy has come by serving the Lord along-side these missionaries.  They arrive with enthusiasm and ready to change.  They have become master teachers, expert listeners and strive each day to follow the Lord's example.  They are bold, but not overbearing, and bring the message of the Plan of Salvation to those who will listen.  Their efforts bring many into the waters of baptism.  They are truly instruments in the hands of the Lord.  The Lord is leading His work in Denmark.  We will be forever grateful for this life-changing opportunity.  We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

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