Monday, June 13, 2016

Greenland-June 2016

President O'Bryant and I traveled to Greenland to evaluate the possibility of setting up missionary work.  We landed in Kangerlussuag at the International airport then another flight to Nuuk.
Greenland was beautiful, a little cold, but definitely beautiful.  Fishing is a way of life here.
Beautiful scenery with icebergs everywhere.
The buildings add much color to the area.
While in Greenland, we met the only two members of the church, Mark and Stine Hvistendahl.  They are members who moved here from Denmark 6 months ago.  We shared stories, laughed, cried and grew to love them.  Sacrament meeting was a tender experience in their home.
President's musk ox hotdog and my ratatouille...delicious!
So many clothes made with seal and otter skins.
Beautiful icebergs!
On our way to Iceland, 3 hours in a small 40 seat propeller plane.
Beautiful Greenland from the window seat.
Glaciers and icebergs from the air.  Hope to see you again Greenland!

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