Thursday, June 2, 2016

New arrivals !

Sister Acosta has finally arrived.  We have been anxiously waiting for her.  There were a few parking struggles at the airport so President had to wait in the car while I greeted her.  Always an adventure!

A proper picture at the office where she will meet her new companion.

Finally together!

A great match<3  They will use Danish, English and Spanish.  Being multi-lingual is a blessing!

There are always a few more missionaries to greet new-comers.  They had a meal of danish bread, cheeses and of course, danish pastry.

Another arrival the next day.  Our daughter and her family:-D

Sure grateful for the mission van!

They're exhausted but we just treated them the same as we do our missonary arrivals...danish meal of frikadeller, brun kartolfler and rod kol

Games are a good way to keep them awake!
A visit from our wonderful Sister Lyman..Sarah... and family.  Sadly the picture is blurry but we loved having time together.

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