Saturday, June 18, 2016

June 30 day in the land training.

Every six weeks we bring our new missionaries (and when possible, their companions) who have been in the land for 30 days into the mission home for training.  We bring them up to speed on the last several zone conferences. 
Tuesday night, we begin training.  Tonight Elders Evans and Teynor came late since they attended a baptism.  After training we have a snack before bed.
Wednesday begins with breakfast at 7:30A, followed by a full day of training.

The kitchen is always a busy place.

Whether training or just bonding with missionaries, there's never a dull moment with President O'Bryant.

Role playing during Wednesday training.

Well...our training covers many subjects...

Training from our assistants.

Snack...breakfast...snack...lunch...snack...dinner,,,snack...etc.  You get the picture;-)

Here is a word designed by President O'Bryant.  Can anyone guess what it means?

We are always blessed with more musicians.

A little relaxation before bed...

...and always a ping pong competition.

Transporting 23 people into Copenhagen can be a challenge.  We took some to the train station to meet us there.  Unfortunately, these elders stepped off the train during a cloud burst.  Thankfully we had access to a dryer in this church building.

More training Thursday morning.

More role playing...

More training by the assistants.

More role playing...

This is Sister Acosta.  She came from Madrid.  She is learning Danish as well as English.  We are very proud of her efforts.  We love Sister Acosta.  She's an inspiration.

Thursday's training ends with a session in the temple.  Always a highlight.

 We are blessed to receive such dedicated missionaries.  They bless the Danish people every day with  their service, testimonies and their light.  We love you missionaries<3

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