Friday, July 14, 2017

Arrivals July 2017

A few hours after our departing missionaries, we received ten more...
Eleven more with an arrival from Sweden.  I feel this is so inspired since our focus turns to them.  We love these anxious and enthusiastic missionaries. They energize us with their willingness to learn and teach.  Missions are just the best place to be!
Lunch at a nearby bakery in the airport.  YUM!
After a visit to the mission office, they arrive at 5P for a traditional Danish meal of pork roast, meatballs, two kinds of potatoes, red cabbage and layer cake.  It's pretty delicious and they agree.
We do our best to keep them awake.  We have a short spiritual thought, short testimonies and prayer before we wake them up with... pong!  These missionaries arrive with skills:-)

We took some pretty great "hair" shots   as they turn between each return.

They finally get to bed around 9P and wake up early for training.
Traditional breakfast of burritos

Always exciting to meet and greet.
Trainers arriving to be trained on "How to be an effective Trainer".

Our traditional "Where's Waldo" photo:-)
Meeting their trainers...

Elder Haruch
Elders Weavers and Haruch
Sister Esplin
Sisters Acosta and Esplin
Sister Sanford
Sisters Petersen and Sanford
Elder Christensen
Elders Christensen and Christensen...little confusing but inspired.
Sister Matheseon
Sisters Matheson and Quinton
Sister Smith
Sisters Smith and Landeen
Sister Fife
Sisters Fife and Player
Sister Day
Sister Day and Barney
Sister Funk
Sisters Funk and Dietch
Sorry Elder McKinnon...I really didn't mean to put my arm around you:-O
Much better!
Elders McKinnon and Jensen
Sister Schanner
Sisters Macdonald and Schanner
Dominos pizza and fruit before heading to their respective areas.

The Christensen elders

Missions and new arrivals are really the best!  Get ready missionaries for the best two years FOR your life.  We love you already<3

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