Friday, July 14, 2017

Mission Leadership Council July 2017

Mission Leadership Council began with Pizza and fruit for diner, a spiritual thought... and then a       little "R and R" before training began.
Here is our team of Zone Leaders and assistants...
These sisters opted to take turns photographing...while others were serving each other cutting each others hair.
The photography skills were amazing...

..but then these are amazing Elders in so many ways!

"Who Ya gonna call?"

We have talented and athletic sisters, but then if you fall, the driveway is like hard rough rock...:-O

Things were just great, and then guess who showed up?

Yes, these elders have remarkable talents and skills...but did you know they can fly????

Breakfast comes early..(after some get up to run in the forest).  Traditional Baked French Toast:-)

President is the best and fastest Human dishwasher "east of the Mississippi":-D  These missionaries are always ready to help.
Ready for MLC to begin.  Today President, Sister O'Bryant and the assistants trained on Teaching the Atonement, Faith to Find, Book of Mormon, Teaching with the spirit and teaching repentance.  This mission is finding and teaching more continually.  We are so happy with their efforts.  We've been opening our mouths to twice as many people as a year ago and the results are showing.   

American Roast Beef dinner

Strawberry cream dessert...President's favorite.
The kitchen is definitely a gathering place.  President loves to give English grammar lessons when we're together.

This elder declared that as long as he wears "Sister O'Bryant's apron, he is obligated to clean like she does.  He did a great job cleaning the counter tops and the sink.

Preparing to take the training to the zones and districts.

Denmark is in good hands. 

We love these missionaries.  They are effective and definitely receive revelation for our mission.  We are blessed!

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  1. I have never seen President in shorts before...
    Also, Who is the Elder with the MG tshirt posing with Elder Reed?