Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jylland Zone Conference July 2017

Zone Conference was about teaching repentance, the atonement, and a variety of subjects introduced by the last Mission Presidents Seminar.  The spirit was strong and inspiration received.
I love how joyful these missionaries are in seeing their fellow servants in the mission.  They have come to truly love each other.  We can say that we have a mission culture of love, obedience, and we are Christ-centered.  Does life get any better?

We received a new Senior couple, Elder and Sister Blocker,  and we are very excited to have them!  They will be working with the YSA in Jylland, as well as helping us take care of the missionaries.
Language training by one of our experts...Elder Allred.
A proper welcome to Elder and Sister Blocker.  We sang "Happy Birthday" in Danish since they wouldn't know the difference.  It's a lively song...perfect for welcoming;-D
We love the spirit that new arrivals bring as they bear strong testimony of the Savior and the gospel.
Birthdays...our son included.
Introductions of the new arrivals with testimonies.
Elder Christensen

Elder Haruch

Sister Fife

Sister Esplin

Sister Schanner
Departing testimonies...Elder Weese
Elder Fairbanks
Elder Shuppy
Elder Allred
Training by the assistants
Role Play
Training by the Sister Training Leaders
Musical number by Elder Schaffer and Elder Hunt...
Elder Preece at the piano...and Elder Arnold minding the pages

Senior couples preparing for lunch
Sandwiches from the bakery down the street.

Random Pictures..

These missionaries are diligent, strong, faithful, are great teachers, have strong testimonies and strive everyday to be more Christ-like.  We are so grateful for their service.  We are better just for knowing them.  Denmark is blessed.  We love you missionaries!

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