Friday, November 10, 2017

"30 Days in the land" November 2017

This will be the "30 days in the land" training to remember.  So many new missionaries and their trainers, that we literally could not house them all.  We housed 22 elders and had the sisters stay in the temple housing.  Fortunately the temple housing is above the church in downtown Copenhagen, where we do much of our training.  We are so grateful for senior missionaries who provided breakfast for the sisters.  Sadly, we don't have pictures of the delicious breakfasts, but just know, it was delicious and homemade.  We are blessed in so many ways. These missionaries are willing to learn, apply and teach.  They have wonderful trainers.  We all learn together and are uplifted by the three day training.

We met Tuesday evening for a dinner of  "Kabobs" before training.

Fed and ready to begin.
Trainings are prepared by President, Sister O'Bryant and our assistants.
There are many opportunities for Role Playing.

President always trains with a little humor involved:)

Bedtime snacks before we take 22 elders and depart for the mission home.  The sisters just go upstairs.

A little R&R...

I'm speechless...

Breakfast comes early with baked french toast.  This elder is having his 20th birthday today.

Traffic on the way to the church in Copenhagen.

Beware:  President loves to call up missionaries to take part in impromptu teaching.  They are impressive!

Lunch provided by our senior missionaries of Dominos Pizza.

Here is a training President likes to refer to as "Stump, the Chump".  Normally, it's the missionaries trying to stump the President.  However, this time president is taking pleasure in turning the tables.  These missionaries were not "stumped".  They did a great job with all receiving "thumbs up" from the judges.

Dinner at a Danish buffet restaurant with thirty-two missionaries is a rare occasion.

One last chance to celebrate this elder's birthday with McDonalds McFlurries:)
Breakfast burritos.

Here we are joined with the "My Plan" group.  Sister O'Bryant trained on "How to love your mission".  The "My Plan" group shares experience and testimonies as to what brings lasting joy on the mission.
Homemade lunch before attending the temple.  Baked potato bar with chili, veggies and chips...with ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Today we are facing the temple doors while they do a little maintenance on the steps.  We feel forever blessed to be in a beautiful, yet simple country, where people are kind and members are helpful.  We have almost met our goal of 60 baptisms this year.  Our missionaries go the second mile to find new investigators, teach repentance and baptize.   As we continue with dedication, faithfulness and being obedient, we will meet our goal.   We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.
Last week was Stake Conference in Copenhagen.  Our missionaries sang beautifully.  The members truly love and appreciate these missionaries.  We do too<3

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