Saturday, November 4, 2017

Zone Conference in Aarhus and Copenhagen- Elder Sabin-Nov. 2017

This week, we had the pleasure to have a general authority visit Denmark.  Elder Sabin and his wife, from the Area Presidency, came to Zone Conferences in Aarhus and Copenhagen. 
We feel so blessed to have had two general authorities over the last six months.  Iceland physically joined us last time with Elder Andersen and his wife.  This time the Iceland missionaries were in attendance through Skype.  Thank Goodness for modern technology!
These missionaries prepared for this conference by reading specific scriptures and coming with inspired questions.  They arrived an hour early.  Thy greeted each other for the first 30 minutes, then sat in the chapel while reading scriptures and listening to prelude.  As usual, they looked sharp with shoes shined, and the spirit was strong as we entered the room.

Beautiful prelude music.

Waiting for Elder Sabin and his wife to join us...

Elder and Sister Sabin are remarkable servants of the Lord.  We are humbled by their faithful dedication, testimonies, as well as their ability to inspire and and motivate.

Each missionary was greeted personally.

Training on "Joy" in the gospel message, the scriptures, prayer and service.
Training on "Gratitude of miracles in the mission".

Training on "Doctrines of The Plan of Salvation, and how to teach them".

Delicious lunch as always with pork sandwiches, veggies and dip, chips and brownies.  (Homemade cookies were the departure snack;)

We have truly been blessed to have Elder and Sister Yates here serving.  Elder Yates was one of President O'Bryant's favorite companion in Denmark when they were much younger. 

                                                               Training after lunch:
Elder and Sister Yates giving their departing testimonies.  The people in Denmark, the missionaries and President and I will truly miss them but are so grateful they have served us so well in Denmark.

Role Playing with President about finding youth and single adults.

These senior missionaries are always preparing behind the scenes.  We are so grateful for them.
Just for fun, I had to post this picture.  Two elders ordered their favorite danish pastry under their own name.  Look how the bakery prepared it...delicious marzipan name plates!
With so many musical missionaries, it's always a wonderful experience with musical numbers.

Aarhus has two zones and 1/3 more missionaries than Copenhagen because housing is much easier to find in Jylland.  This is truly an amazing army of disciples.

Lunch in Copenhagen of homemade soups, salad and rolls, with a variety of desserts.
Our faithful senior missionaries...

More awesome senior missionaries...

Another awesome musical number of the story of Enos, "My Soul Hungered".

Role playing...
More role playing...

Speaking directly to Iceland on Skype.

The following day, we had Mission Leadership Council with Elder Sabin and his wife leading the meeting.   We were reminded that councils are held to receive revelation.  That definitely is the case here in Denmark and we are grateful for these faithful disciples of the Lord.

Each missionary received a handshake or a appropriate:)

Lunch was provided with a favorite Texas Chili over rice, with salad and chips, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.

I hand my phone off to missionaries from time to time to get a variety of pictures.  I laugh at how they take pride in staging the food, etc.

Before dinner was completely finished, President, I and Elder Sabin and his wife left quickly before having time to clean up.  We needed to get them to the airport.  We told the missionaries not to worry about cleaning up.  We returned home to find dishes done, tables and chairs put back, and tablecloths in the laundry.  Yes, these are your children and we are grateful to you and also, them for their efforts everyday in the mission.  They are selfless, humble, teachable and becoming more like Christ everyday.  I accidently left my phone home and was delighted to find that they took pictures as they cleaned up:)

 President and I laugh at ourselves as we are becoming more emotional as we talk about these missionaries.  We are better people for having taught them, observed and served by their sides.  We regret when it's their turn to depart but know they are returning home better than when they arrived.  We pray that they will continue their habits of sacred scripture study, fervent prayer, bearing testimony and repenting as we all endure to the end.  Thank you missionaries!  We love you<3

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