Thursday, December 3, 2015

Denmark Copenhagen Mission has such talented missionaries! I will never get enough pictures to do it justice but we try!

                                                            Freestyle rapping

Musical story telling


Ukulele and singing

Oh McDonald had a farm...chicken,

Stump the President

Singing with guitar


Campfire stories

Serenading goodbye to Elder Wilsher

Professional Viennese waltzing lessons

Reaching skills (just how tall are you Elder Hartman?)

MC skills

MC skills

Comical finding skills

Professional Saxophone skills

Excellent bow skills.  He can hit any moving target!

Story ad-libbing skills

Random duet skills

Did you know that professional pianists can play with their hands behind their back?

Hand stand competition

Singing to ukulele

                                                    Piano playing with the arms
                                                                      Bag piping                                                                                               

Alphabet aerobics- speed talking your way through the alphabet by getting pumped through         missionary work.

                               Synchronized missionary yoga, aerobics and misc. exercise.

A variety of simultaneous talents to distract

                                           This elder can play a tune on any sized trumpet

                                          He texts while she tells her story.  Speed texting

                                                Molding caricatures of the President

                          A wake up exercise in Danish of a chicken in honor of Elder Mogensen

                                                                    A back flip

                                                                  A dance off


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