Monday, December 28, 2015

Sjælland Christmas Zone Conference.

Stake Presidency message to begin the Zone Conference, "Please don't be timid with our members.  We need you to attack and don't let up". 
Then he gave every missionary a box of chocolates. 

Our new family history specialists for the mission.

Role playing

Will the real Willams and Reed stand up!

Our faithful senior missionaries always behind the scenes.  Thank You!

Erling Knudsen and his crew, who love cooking for the missionaries.  We are so blessed by their service.

Christmas eating has begun!

Dessert is a real Danish tradition here.  Ris Alamande is rice pudding with cherry sauce.  There are chopped almonds also but only 5 whole almonds.  Whoever gets a dish with a whole almond gets a present.

Our 5 lucky winners!

And Yes, we had a visit from Julemand...Elder Mogensen.

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I can only say that these missionaries are our life.  We adore and love them.  Their happiness is our happiness.  They are faithful and strong.  I know the Lord loves and accepts their service.

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