Thursday, December 3, 2015

Transfers with four missionaries leaving, three arriving and two more sisters leaving in two weeks. If you think your confused, so am I!

Here we are with our departing missionaries, all except two...

Elder Burton-Thank you for your service.  God bless.


                      Sister Woster-Thank you for helping me with my Danish.  God bless you.

Sister Moseley- leaves in two weeks.  We love this sister.  God bless you Sister Moseley.

Sister Mølholt- from Denmark-leaves in two weeks.  You can't find a sweeter sister than this.  We love you!  God bless you.

Sister Woster and Elder Burton are leaving today. They have served faithfully and Denmark will not be the same without them.  We love you!  God bless.
Elder Wilsher left for the airport with the assistants before we were able to get a picture.  We love you Elder Wilsher!  Thank you for your faithful work on Bornhølm.  We will miss you!
(This was taken earlier when we visited him on Bornhølm.)
Elder Mogensen, our assistant met his parents at the office while we were at the airport and we missed a picture with him.  We posted this last month when he had one more month as assistant.  He is from Bornhølm and will come back in two weeks to visit for our Christmas Zone conference.  We love this elder!  He was invaluable in his own country and in our mission. 

We have received two Iceland bound elders and one sister to serve in Denmark.  Elders Rodriguez is from Texas and can speak Spanish as well as Icelandic.  He is very much needed in Iceland.  Elder Johansen is from Denmark and learned Icelandic.  He is also very much needed.  Our 8 elders in                     Iceland are very happy to receive two more missionaries,  Sister Ogaard is from Idaho and will join our wonderful sisters here in Demark.

Always teaching our missionaries to Serve and not to be served.  They are always more than happy to learn.

We are preparing this elder with skills of washing dishes, cooking, and household chores.  Look mom!

Off to Iceland.  God be with you elders!  See you in two weeks at the Christmas Zone Conference.

Sister Ogaard meeting her companion Sister Noorda.  She's in good hands!

Date night with my favorite companion.  

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