Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Arrival and departure of senior couple missionaries.

Great day for Denmark and the mission!  Elder and Sister Hall have arrived and will be serving on Bornholm.
A little taste of Denmark at the office.


Look who we found in the office emailing on P-day.

Back to the mission home to prepare dinner for the special occasion...but Elder and Sister Hall are supposed to be resting!  Their willingness to help is just the "normal" in this mission.

This is our arrival and departure dinner.  A traditional roast meal.

A little extra seating.

Elder and Sister Brookes are leaving in two weeks to return home from their service.  They have been a records preservation mission couple.  They have always been willing to help us and the missionaries in anyway, baking, and always with dishes.
Here is Elder and Sister Johnson.  They are returning home tomorrow.  They have been supporting the branch in Bornholm as branch president, watching over the missionaries, cooking, baking, learning the language and setting up a young single adult program.    

These senior missionaries are very faithful and are such wonderful examples to the mission.  We love them and will miss them but know the Lord will bless them as they return back to their homes and families.
Elder and Sister Hall have arrived and eager to serve.  They will be serving in Bornholm as Branch President and wife and helping our elders.  God be with you.  We are very grateful to serve with them.

We enjoyed visiting the records preservation building.  These missionaries work in the basement, no windows or air conditioning.  It's dusty and somewhat dark but they feel the importance of their service in preserving important danish records so families can be sealed together.  Their work is sacred and they have loved this opportunity.  
There are so many aisles with 1000's of books. 

I just can't help posting pictures of the beautiful skies here.
Oh, and yes...this is our three week old granddaughter, Charlotte.  We just can't get over how precious these blessings are.  Life is good<3 

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