Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Departures and Arrivals.

That time again.  Not my favorite time. It's not easy to say "goodbye" to these disciples of the Lord and we will miss them!  We enjoy a departure dinner, "My Plan" meeting, and a few last testimonies. 
Our assistants take care of the dishes during the meeting.

More music talent<3
Breakfast burritos bright and early before departures.
Sister Ackerman came for this departure meeting but she will actually leave in six weeks...alone, without a group.
Elder Reber
Finally President is taller!
Elder Curtis
Elder Gudmundson
Sister Ackerman
Busy airport!
One last picture before the three go their separate ways, on different airlines.  Elder Reber's parents will meet him here in Denmark.  God bless you all.  We love you!

A late arrival...a few bags were missing but...
These enthusiastic missionaries were worth the wait!
They arrive excited and ready to begin...but exhausted.  We begin with a traditional Danish meal.
Oldungir Ludwig will be serving in Iceland and flies out tomorrow.
Just when they are about to fall asleep, we keep them awake with ping pong.  It works 90 percent of the time:-)

Baked French Toast early AM.

Training in the Copenhagen Church.

Meeting their trainers...

All matched up and ready to go.
Elders Kennedy and Burgin

Elders Nielsen and Peel

Sisters Quinton and McArthur

Sisters Jones and Haag

Sisters Petersen and Bevan

Our threesome...Sisters Ludlow, Jex and Naylor.

Oldungar Ludwig and Geslison

Dominos pizza is a favorite.

Meeting Elder Reber's parents for lunch.
Attended church in Allerod.  We love these missionaries...and so does their ward.
A few friends from America came to visit.
A traditional Danish meal.
Lagekage...a delicious traditional Danish dessert.

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