Saturday, August 13, 2016

August Mission Leadership Council

Mission Leadership Council is always a great experience with these missionaries.  They're remarkable in so many ways.  They make important decisions which give direction to the mission
They arrive for a late night snack before a spiritual thought.

Appropriate comfy clothes before bed...
Breakfast bright and early before personal study time.

Always plenty of help in the kitchen.

Training for 4 hours.
Sometimes the panoramic picture leaves one off...but we could never forget Elder Hartmann.
Traditional American dinner.

Can we ever have enough help in the kitchen?  Never!  These are great servants who enjoy their missions.  They strive continually to become better more obedient and faithful.  They give of themselves when they're exhausted, cold, wet, hungry and sometimes sick.  But they would agree that these are the best two years of their lives.  We love Denmark!

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