Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sjaelland Zone Conference

We always begin our Zone Conference with a celebration of birthdays.  President thought he was exempt since his was 2 days earlier, but we insisted!  We sing a silly danish missionary song but it's pretty entertaining.  Happy birthday missionaries<3
Sister Ackerman's departure testimony.  It's difficult to send these experienced missionaries home.  We love you sister Ackerman.
Arriving missionary Danish.  They're amazing!

President O'Bryant teaching on "The perfect dinner appointment"...with Alma and Amulek. 
Always so much serious talent in this mission.

Sister O'Bryant teaching on the result of "Increased love, faith and expectation" in the mission.
Assistants teaching how how to work better with member missionaries.  The people of Denmark are so faithful and willing to be involved.

Breaking into ward/branch groups to set personal goals on what has been taught.

Just a little drama....:-)

Senior missionaries always feeding us well...among so many other duties.  They are so important in this mission.  We are so incredibly blessed by their effort

Sisters first...always.

Hurry sisters, these elders are always hungry!

We have found that some of our elders begin losing hair or even growing grey spots:-O  Missionary work is serious!

From a biking accident.  These missionaries see miracles everyday!  We have guardian angels...even in Denmark!
Big homemade cookies at break time:-)
When they ask for a "selfie"
A visit from Elder (Jonah) Bateman after Zone Conference.  It's wonderful to see see our returned missionaries and meet their families. 
It was a busy day...but especially for our daughter and son-in-law.  Grandson #4..with 14 granddaughters...
Not sure who looks more proud...maybe his two older sisters<3  Missions bring wonderful blessings to family back home.  We love you Missionaries!  We love Denmark!

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