Sunday, September 11, 2016

2 Week Medical Trip to Utah

President and I traveled to Salt Lake City for two weeks for a medical procedure.  President had some electrical work done on his heart.  It is truly amazing how technology has developed over the last years.  Everything went as planned and we feel so blessed.  We landed on Saturday and went immediately to have lunch with our returned missionaries, and a few parents also.  
We froze some danish pastry to carry to America.  It stayed fresh and was quite delicious!
Elder Perkins mother met us for lunch and was able to taste a true danish pastry.
Elder Halversen's dad and grandparents came to meet us also. 
After meeting the missionaries for lunch, we met our three day old grandson, Jacob.  He is the fourth grandson out of 18 grandchildren!  Who would have thought we would be meeting him before he turned two:-D
Loving the feel and smell...straight from Heaven<3
Charlotte had been born 6 weeks earlier.  What a blessing to meet such sweetness. 
Truly an unexpected tender mercy<3!
Catching up with the little ones...
How did I survive without these granddaughter's hair and spa treatment?

He had the procedure done early and we took four days to recuperate.  I regret that I don't have pictures of Elder Reber and Brady who came to visit.  They are both doing well and it was wonderful to see them!
We were able to take part in the blessing of Charlotte.
Almost our whole family was able to attend.  My 90 yr. old mother was able to fly up also.
FHE at Draper Park is becoming a tradition.
My beautiful mother and siblings.
A visit to our lot where a home will be built for our return to SLC.  We sold our home in CA.

A trip to Payson Temple with my mother.  She grew up in Genola and went to HS in Payson.
A visit to the Icelandic Monument.  This will always have a special place in our hearts now that we have grown to know and love the Icelandic people for their faithfulness.  Our missionaries work diligently to bring the gospel to the Icelanders.

Four generation picture of my Mom, daughter, granddaughter and myself at our grandsons football game.

Our grandson and our son-in-law, who is the head coach.  Springville competed against Payson.
A visit to Elder Preece who will arrive two days after our return.
A visit from Elder Fairbanks family.
A visit with Elder Hafen.
Out for breakfast with family before our return flight.  Families are forever...but we felt the great need to return to Denmark.
Lunch with missionaries before boarding the Plane.  It just felt so natural to be together...
We love these missionaries!
Two Orem missionaries got in on the action and come to find out, they knew two of our missionaries in Denmark:-0
It is apparent that Denmark is our home and we are so happy to return.
Love the blue water...
Love the beautiful blue skies...

So grateful for senior missionaries and for Elder and Sister Buxton who shouldered the responsibilities as interim Mission President in our absence.  We are so happy to be home...and we love Denmark!

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