Thursday, September 22, 2016

September Mission Leadership Council

We will miss President and Sister Williams, our Temple President and matron of the Copenhagen temple.  They were the Mission President and wife ten years ago.  Thank you for your service.  The Danish people truly love you!

Elder Light needed his work pants to be happens...
Snack before bed...

Preparing for the ping pong game.

R & R before bed.
Practicing a little Icelandic...Oldunger and Aeldste...

Traditional baked french toast.

Sisters first...our elders are gentlemen:)

Today our training began with these assistants.  They taught in danish...subject:  How we can improve our danish language skills. 
President, sharing his "little black box", his own effective method for memorizing the Danish language. 

Traditional roast beef dinner.

Beautiful day...Fall is in the air...
Oldunger Geslison will finish his last transfer as a missionary in Iceland.  He has been an effective leader and we will miss him.  The Zone leaders from Iceland visit for MLC each transfer.
Preparing for departure...

Love the work pants, Aeldste Light.
Our Assistants keep us organized...

Travel safely Missionaries!  See you at Zone Training next week:)  Life is good!

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