Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Thirty days in the land" training...and the arrival of three elders mid-transfer.

Two days after our return, we were blessed with three more arriving elders.  They arrived mid-transfer.  Here are Elders Jensen and Preece.  We will meet Elder Koch, who is from Denmark at the mission home tonight.  He will be  training with us while waiting for his visa to Zimbabwe
Our missionaries who have been in the land for 30 days have arrived  with their trainers for a three day training.  Our newly arrived elders will take part long as they can stay awake:)
Yogurt, Muesli, and fruit...but somehow they always prefer Nougat bits, a hazelnut flavored cereal.

The ping pong tradition begins....

Traditional breakfast burritos...sisters first...
Waiting patiently...
Patience is a virtue...

There's the smiles....

Training by the assistants...
Role playing with inspired questions
Lunch at McDonalds

Training by President
A favorite "name game"

More training by assistants

Role playing with inspired questions

Stroganoff dinner

These missionaries come to serve...not to be served:-)
Oreo cheesecake
After a breakfast of baked french toast, we are off for more training in Copenhagen

Training at the church in Copenhagen

Our Family History expert training on how to use it in finding
"Loving your mission" by understanding Expectations and Charity

Three generations of missionaries and their trainers
Elders Erickson and Preece
Elder Preece
Elder Jensen... (I might mention that I need to let go of this which elder was it?)
Our mighty threesome...Elders Perkins, Jensen and Foulger
Would the real photographer please identify himself....
Elder Koch- he will meet his trainer later today.

How do Danes grow this tall...and so often?

Finally met up with his trainers...another mighty threesome.  Elders Eaves, Koch and Curnow.

Yes, Dominos pizza for lunch

Aha!  A selfie tells all....
A perfect ending to the training with a trip to the temple.
A few days later, President spoke at the YSA Golden Days event and we were able to visit with two of our returned missionaries:)  Does life get better than this?

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