Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September departures and arrivals

An early morning pick up of only one Missionary departure...Sister Ackerman!  Departures are our least favorite activity in this mission and we will miss this faithful sister.  She has been a missionary who brings the gospel as well as peace, joy and a beautiful smile to those around her.
We love you sister Ackerman!  Thank you for your service to Denmark as well as our mission.  God bless<3
Just around the corner we received these five sister missionaries.  Sister Holbrook was met by her Danish grandparents.  This is an inspired way to receive new missionaries, just when our spirits are low saying "good bye".  Thank goodness:-)

Traditional Danish meal is a favorite for us all.
Traditional lage kage-layer cake.
President and the assistants are quick to clean.  This is a big job after two kinds of meat, two kinds of potatoes, red cabbage and dessert.

Ping pong "around the world" keep the new missionaries awake and get them on our time schedule. 

These sisters actually wore us all out...and had awesome ping pong skills.
Always ready to serve...

Early morning breakfast of breakfast burritos.
Elders always waiting...sisters first...

And off in the mission van to Copenhagen for a day of training and meeting their trainers.  This day is very exciting!
Training of the trainers...
Mission orientation...
And finally meeting their trainers.

Another threesome...

And to keep the suspense, the last two are announced at the same time.

Sisters Jex, Downs and Naylor (Sister Jex had a brother who served in Denmark also)

Sister Downs
Sisters Jones and Macdonald

Sister Jones
Sisters Baggaley and Baird

Sister Baird
Sisters Barney and Player
Sister Barney
Sisters Holbrook and Ludlow (whose brothers served in Denmark in the last 2 years)

Sister Holbrook

Dominos pizza for lunch...always a favorite

Perhaps you can feel just a little of the amazing experience we are having with these faithful missionaries.  Serving is not an easy task day after day, but these missionaries come to share the blessings of the gospel, eternal families and their love of the Lord.  This is a time of single focus where we deepen our relationship with Diety and strive to develop characteristics of Christ.  We love all our missionaries, and we love Denmark!

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