Sunday, March 12, 2017

Leadership Meeting March 2017

Leadership Conferences are scheduled whenever we have an unusual number of new leaders.  We will be turning over 40% of the mission in the next 5 months and their is much to prepare for.  We now have six Sister Training Leaders for the first time, instead of four.
We rarely get together without Homemade cookies:)

Assistants training on Leadership principles.
Sister O'Bryant training on the role of Sister Training Leaders and how to politely stop "oncoming hugs" from well-meaning members...President was obviously the wrong one to choose for this demonstration with his wife<3

Dominos Pizza before traveling home.

Elder Buxton is our expert on ordering and delivering Dominos Pizza.  He and Sister Buxton will truly be missed when they return home in 2 months.  What will we do without them?

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