Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 "Thirty Days in the Land" training and "My Plan" meeting.

I really don't like to choose favorites, but "if"we were to choose, I think "30 days in the land" is our favorite training.  We really look forward to being with these missionaries after they have adjusted to the time, been trained for a month in their area, and have pertinent questions with the desire to learn.  They arrive anxious to gather with their MTC group again.  Now in a mission, mishaps happen.  I love the smile this missionary walked (hobbled) in with.  Good news is, it's not broken.  Three days to tend to the sprain was very timely and helpful.

Ready to begin with  Presidents training on  "Becoming Preach My Gospel Missionaries".
Favorite snacks before bed.

Phone calls to investigators, reporting, etc.
Breakfast burritos at 7:30A.
First to be ready...not easy when you have one bathroom and 14 elders getting ready!

President training on  the "black box" method of memorizing scriptures, etc.
Training on the art of the "elevator speech"...15 seconds to prepare, three points to make in 1 minute.  Not easy unless you...Role Play.
  Role playing is very effective.
President loved
This day is very full.  President trains on "IMPROVED finding", "Teach People, Not Lessons", Epistles of the Lord", "We Invite,  They commit, We Follow Up", and "Repentance".

Lunch at McDonalds.

More Role playing...Practice, Practice, Practice!

Did I mention we are very grateful for a basement with 14 beds?  Interesting to know is that under this floor, is an indoor pool.  We've never seen it and never will:)

Traditional roast beef dinner and Oreo cream pie for dessert.  I love this picture with the other table of missionaries waving their arms:)

We'd never forget you elders.
These missionaries are here to serve, not to be served...and they certainly do serve!
This elder's Aunt is cousins with this sister's Mother.  Did I get that right?
Positions everyone...

Our favorite game is around the world.  Don't blink or you may miss your turn.

Can anyone beat this elder in ping pong?

"Get to know you" games.
A missionary with a purpose...?

Breakfast at 7:15 then off to the church in Copenhagen for a combined training.

These missionaries go for many months without seeing each other... and the reunions are joyful!

Here we have training with the new missionaries and overlap them with the "soon to depart "missionaries.  Q&A sessions with much wisdom is shared.
The "My Plan" meeting begins 8 weeks before departure and is an open and ongoing dialog with President.  This is an important meeting with mixed feelings for all.

Domino's Pizza for lunch before the temple session together.

On this rainy day, we opted for a stairway photo.
Happy Birthday Elder Buxton:)
Elder Buxton picked up our new mission van.  We are all very excited to finally receive it!

Day after training, a beautiful spring day with rising temperatures.
We love the Denmark Copenhagen Mission<3

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