Monday, September 11, 2017

Iceland Zone Conference September 2017

This weekend in Iceland was a busy one with Zone Conference; My Plan; District Conference with Saturday night meetings as well as Sunday conference.  The Denmark Copenhagen Temple President and his wife visited and were among the speakers.  Conference was uplifting with many inspiring talks.  It's amazing to feel the same spirit as well as the same desire to live the gospel, no matter where we serve.  We love the members in Iceland.
It definitely feels like fall in Iceland.  Leaves are beginning to change colors but some flowers are still in bloom.  This is  Hallgr√≠mskirkja in Reykjavik-Lutheran church of Iceland.

Always wonderful to see the sun poking through the clouds.

Greetings!  We can learn a lesson from these elders:  They know and love each other because they depend on each other.  With only eight elders, they take turns being companions.  They definitely learn to work out differences as well as see each other as the Lord sees them.

Preparations for Zone conference...

This is always a humbling sight.  They come prepared to learn, change and to receive revelation.

Our Zone Leader conducting.

Elders Ludwig and Wintch lead the music.

Language training.

Elder Johansen is bearing a departing testimony.  He comes from Denmark but has served his two years in Iceland.  He is an effective teacher as well as an example of discipleship.  We will miss him in the mission, but President and I will be able to see him from time to time n Denmark.  Thank you Oldungur Johansen for your service. <3

Elder Rodriguez is also bearing a departure testimony.  He will return to Texas.  We will miss his large smile and forever optimism.  He served two transfers in Denmark when numbers were unbalanced in Iceland.  He learned to speak Danish and is dedicated servant of the Lord.  Thank you Oldungur Rodriguez for your service. <3

The kitchen is always a busy and popular place:-)

Snacks are very appreciated...

Iceland is blessed to have Costco nearby with the same items we have in America.

Sisters first...and how we appreciate their taking care of us.  Mandarin Chicken over rice:-D

                                                                       Random Pictures:

Random picture with Denmark Copenhagen Temple President Olsson and wife, President O'Bryant and wife with his first counselor, President Erickson and wife.

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